A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

Fresh Daily - Winterfresh (Flying Lotus Remix)

Cool dudee dope music..What else can you ask for!


Winterfresh (Flying Lotus REMIX) - Fresh Daily

Download the track here!

The monthly Lesbian party @ sin sin



Where it's at Tonight!


For those who enjoy watching porn as much as I do!!!!

Soo I have open conversations about how much I enjoy watching porn...Wouldn't say it's a habit just something I've been doing since I was young lol. I know I wasn't the only one browsing late night and stumbled across the spice channel! Even though I can't watch white porn (No offense) It just isn't entertaining to me. If anything it has to be bi-racial, or just straight black porn.Ghetto gaggers smh THIS ISN'T PORN PEOPLE!! lol always some dude shoving his cock in some girls mouth with all his might. I don't know how ppl get off on this. When people ask me who is my favorite porn star I can honestly say I don't have one!! I asked this same question on my twitter and all responses were different surprisingly lol.

Jungle Pussy Patricia!(Lol)
Alexis Texas
Priya Rai
Alicia Tyler
Jeannie Pepper
Vanessa Del Rio
Sara Jay
donna red
jada fire
vanessa blue
janet jacme

Contessa likes The nasty girls with the big booties lol

Recommended Porn sites!


Squirt 101! with Jada Fire

One Night Stand Dos April 18th!!!

Can't miss it if you do your a dumbass!!! Lets GIT IT!! ...In jorgies Words " WE LIVEEEE"

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Solange Knowles - T.O.N.Y

Not a Solange fan but I simply adoreee this song/video cudi looks cute in this video also...Enjoy ;D

Que pasa FREE?

Ok I totally missed when free was on 106th but I seen some pictures of her on the internet and shit isn't looking so great. Free use to be the reason half of the male population of ny would tune in to watch bet lol poor thing slipped up..Doesn't she know once you have been on tv you are going to always be judged therefore you should always be on your A game at all times! poor thang ;/

Old Free

New Free
Photobucket Photobucket

Lil Kim...Ahh poor lil kim

So me and my sister were talking about lil kim and how cute she was during the Junior Mafia days before all the cosmetic surgery and all the bullshit shes been doing to her fucking face. Straight looking like the cat lady stretched back face..Micheal jackson nose lip injections etc. Me personally I think she was adorable back in the day there wasn't anything wrong with her. Slight bunny teeth but it use to fit her smh.

(Video is slightly off..)


Lil Kim...The next cat lady?

Make love

Teaser of Keri Hilson's new video

Dudes + Images = wtf?

You know he isn't single but he still has that single perception. He 's most definitely on that if you don't ask I won't tell shit. Don't fall for it ladies. Dudes don't understand that when in a relationship it is important to alert all of the females that you talked to in the past that you have A female in your life. Not only for show but out of respect of the relationship. A female might find it's ok to talk you a certain way. Throw in the random "I miss you's". No its not ok for this to occur this means they are getting the wrong idea. Yea they can miss you but they shouldn't really be telling you these things and then again its out of respect. I personally like to let everyone know when I'm in a relationship for the simple men do like to get out of hand when it comes to things you guys might have done in the past. You have to put a boundary that both of you's must not cross.

(This goes for both sex of course..WE need to start having respect for one another!)

Mishka grand opening March 13th Aowww!

Come out on Friday the 13th and say hello, see the store, have a drink, catch some good tunes and get busy, that’s what Friday’s are for, after all. Mishka thanks Trophy Bar, Bashment!, Red Stripe, Nicky Digital and Trouble & Bass for helping to make this a night to remember.

Mishka 350 Broadway
Grand Opening Friday, March 13th

Brooklyn, NY

J/M/Z to Marcy Ave

G to Broadway

L to Lorimer


The dream

Ok I'm not really a fan of this guy but I must admit listening to his album has me changing my mind a bit I lovee the "Fancy" Track the beat is soothing its real smooth it can be a great mood setter (Listen to it) and cop the album its good!


Betty's Birthday wish!

What I want for my bday: (April 10th)

A letter from everyone I know personally but the thing is I want the letter to be mailed to my house yea this means everything has to be done manually lol considering the fact that technology is taking over the world I want to take it back to when we had to actually do things ourselves. So the letter it can be thoughts about me, silleh shit you and I encountered together I just want shit to be genuine.

Those who actually would want to do this ask for my addy and I would gladly give it to you.

Song of the day...

I've been told that I pick great songs. ::Blushes:: Thanks! Everyone's getting ready to go out and party they asses off, and I'm here blogging. Eh. Anywho, Itunes was on shuffle today and this song came on. Two pale ass people, they were once married, and I thought they were brother and sister.... That's beside the point. I love the base in this song

White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"

Song of the day...

YES! I had to post one of these videos. No matter how old you were, there was at least one song this group did that you liked. Back when Justin's hair was bleached, Chris had dreads, Jc looked plastic, Joey was... Joey, I LOVE HIM, and I'll still marry him! Lance was..... In the closet. But never the less I love these dudes along with all the 20-30 yr old women,and I'm waiting on a reunion tour.

*Nsync "I Want You Back"

Lil Wayne * Prom Queen

I may be one of the last people who still finds this man entertaining.

Don't judge me!

Really enjoy his dreads being fixed up...woot woot!

The video's concept remind me of Avril Lavigne * Sk8r Boi.

Sorry...lo siento...all that good shit!

Song of the day...

Drum roll please! It was actually a tie today. Couldnt decide, but I went with the more depressing of the two. And I love the way he sings the song.

Fuel "Hemmorage (In my hands)"

Song of the day...

Ging Gang Gong Gong Ging Gang Gong Gong Ging Gang.... Listen to the song you'll see what I mean. My 2nd favorite Red Hot Chilli Peppers song. Rock out bitche!

Red Chilli Peppers "Around The World"

Tuts My Barreh

Lmaooo ok this shit is fucking funny

Friends with benefits...HMMMMM

This is a topic that a lot of us should have in common with especially us young adults. Not saying that the older adults don't get it in lord knows they do lol. A friendship with benefits is a relationship were you are friends with someone whom you would to be more romantically involved but your stuck in the middle. The middle meaning sexual you might have a lot of things in common with this person Kick it go out on mini "dates" etc but there's no romantic connection. When this happens there is always one person who would like to take this friendship to a more serious level and actually make it a Relationship ..this is where things get complicated. Of course most likely its the female who becomes attached thinking because her and the male are being intimate it will blossom into some lovely thing but in most cases it does not. Dudes Do not have a hard time separating sex from intimacy. If you were caught in a friendship with benefits situation and you want to get more serious with it there are questions you should ask your friend.

· How do you see me?

· If I am your friend then why are we having sex?

· Do you like me only as a friend?

You have to man up and ask the person about where you guys stand. But to be honest if you guys came in with a just "Screwing" Mentality its going to stay just like that.

Theophilus London - TNT

I love love love this songg!!


Theo's Myspace page.