A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

The Pharcyde- Runnin'

Old school shit.

Gay Marriage

Gay rights advocate Matthew Arnold-Lloyd of Albany, N.Y., right, meets nose to nose with an unidentified man opposed to gay marriage during a rally outside the Capitol in Albany, Tuesday, April 28, 2009. Gay rights advocates want the Legislature to approve legislation to legalize gay marriage in New York.

So I, along with a lot of people support gay rights. Everyone has the right to do what they want to do. That's the beauty of America. Almost everyone in the U.S. supports gay rights, but then what is all this fuss about gay marriage? They have the right to qualify for the same jobs, where to live, an equal way of life basically. But when marriage comes up some are skeptical. Isn't that kind of twisting the law? The majority of the people voting FOR equal gay rights, are the one OPPOSED to gay marriage.... Come on. It's "against the bible"... now religion and government are two different things, and the two aren't suppose to mix, well at least that's what i learned in history class. Hence why catholic/religious schools are not funded by the government. Now if marriage is suppose to be a spritual biblical thing, why is the government getting involved with who's marrying who? Government has no right to say a man can't marry a man, or a woman can't marry a woman. Just my opinion


Betty: I can not put into words how much fucking fun i had lastnight Like seriously my homie DJ will gates fucking shut the shit DOWNNN!!! Loved every minute that he was on the set....I can say I did not sit down not one time..Came out with a drench shirt and fucked up sneakers..But I didn't care I enjoyed every damn minute of it!!There was not one sober soul in that bitch loll ;D

Broadway:Okiez...nuff tunes by Will;Marathon Betty never sat her ass down; boogied to MJ with Ginger; got recognized by a reader (shouts to u papa! Keep supporting!); got my life daggered out by Logrrrr; first time seeing Gitoo too drunk to dance; first dance with Dylan;nuff sandwiches with Betty&&Angie; wutang with Gitoo, Brenda && Shiv; creepy dudes still love Broadway; chill vibes after; cab ride to bushwick for less than $20

Ginger: Umm where to start..... Last night Electric Punani @ sway. Started off kinda slow, i was scared that this monday night might have been a flop. But Within the hour people started showin up, the music started gettin louder and faster, and before i knew it i was sweating my ass off in the middle of the dance floor. First EP with a different DJ in the mix, Dj will gates stepping up and taking Melo's (Yum) spot while he's performing his ass off in Europe. Didnt think anything of it i basically didnt sit down the whole night, and i realized i want Will in the EP line up. Everybody was there, Betty, Broadway, Logan, Angie, Ian, Purp, Sade, Gito, Dylan, reni, stevie, Jay, bee,and shivs. Hands down one of the best EP's. No offense to Melo=).

Angie,Me,& Sade.

Freddy & I




Ginger & Freddy

Ginger,Freddy, Ian, Logan,& Lala

Will & Freddy

MF Doom - Microwave Mayonaisse

I'm not feeling this video at all.

Asher Roth Freestyling infront of Sway

The sway night I decide to skip out on Mr. Roth is freestyling outside of it!

Primeridian - Hang On (Nicolay Remix)


Hang On [Nicolay Remix] - The Primeridian

Murs - Road is my Religion

Little boots - New in town..

I'm kinda feeling this joint.

Jesse Boykins III- SunStar

Yumm lol...I swear his voice does something to me...
Jesse Boykins III- SunStar(Official Video) from Jesse Boykins III on Vimeo.



20 Year Old Kid From Pittsburgh Pa.
Just moved back from Canada. Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal.
Living In the Bronx.

A new one from my dude Cashtro. Cashtro just made a big move to NYC from Canada Hailing From PIttsburgh, so you'll probably see him around different shows if you're in the music loop here.

The Mixtape!!
Cashtro Crosby The Crosby Show


Check out his myspace!!!


Be there...show some love!!!

The Studio @ Webster Hall 125 East 11th Between 3rd & 4th
They also will be at BLENDER THEATER JUNE 1ST Headlining!


Drop it low party!!! April 30th


Clockwise Clothing

I checked out the website and I stumbled across this t-shirt..Its simple but gets the point across lol *Sex, lies, and videotapes* I want this shit.

Tasteful! ;D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Check out the website!

Slow jams.

I still enjoy watching this video...The song took a while for me to actually like

Murs - Me and this jawn/ Break up

I like these songs....I wonder what he thought about KISSING roxy reynold after all we all know she had like 10,000 penises thrown to the back of her esophagus

Happy Birthday Ginger!!

So the crew went to happy endings lastnight and had a blast!! these are some of the pictures....Motherfuckers know how to party!!! No wallflowers over here!!


Ian, Purp, and some cool girls we just met.

Lmaoo No comment!!!

Me looking crazy as hell lol

I believe this corona made Ginger happy

Jorgie doing what he does best!!
Gucci came on and dylan went into rapping mode.

Kesed & Dj Will Gates


dagga dagga dagggaaa


Birthday girl getting attacked lmao love ya lil!



Monday April 27 -
Roxy Cottontail + Jasmine Solano Present…

DJ Teenwolf

DJ Will Gates

DJ Jasmine Solano

Hosted By Roxy Cottontail

Street Cosignor, Dice and Renaissance Reni

Photos by Tone

Door by Baby Rox

Complimentary Svedka Vodka from 10 to 11


305 Spring Street

(Btwn Greenwich + Hudson)

10PM - 4AM

Fellas bring ladies for guaranteed entry!

Where's Cam'ron?

Lmao this has to be the silliest shit ever oh man to bad my memory is shot to hell I use to play this game all the time as a child but seeing cam'ron put into it like this is hilarious!

(Stolen by logan lol muahh!!!)

I think I'm inlove

I love it to bad the shit is 10 G's cowabunga!


The Rolex submariner has been a cultural icon ever since Sean Connery wore one in Dr. No. It’s a watch that wasn’t created just to be pretty, but also to thrive under pressure (in this case, 300m under water)…kind of like a good Bond Girl. However, even though this is my dream watch, aside from that little crown on the dial, they’re visually unremarkable.

Pharrell Done with tattoo's? OH MYlanta!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! i loved pharrell with the tattoos I think he's sexy regardless but dammit!! the tattoos made him even more sexier...I know he's in pain poor guy ;/


Thanks Bee!!

Kid Cudi Interview @ IndiOasis by Vitamin Water

Lol I don't know why but I started giggling when homegirl said "Little boots"Alot of shit is falling into place for cudi...kudos to him.
Kid Cudi Interview @ IndiOasis - Vitamin Water

Little men with BIG ego's hehe

Well us Females know that one dude who claims they are going to twist you like a pretzel have you scream obscenities blah blah. But when it all came down to it and homeboy drop them draws you were just left with a smirk on your face..Not even a smirk of excitement a smirk of "I knoww this motherfucker did nott!!"..Some shit that straight makes you want to run out the fucking room and text everyone in your phone about the bullshit you just witnessed. My advice to the Little men out there with the Hugeeee egos please save yourself the humiliation and us the trouble and don't lie on your little wiener.


Yes...Were laughing at you.

Will Ferrell is an ass

Lmao I fucking love this shit kinda old..But YOU LOVE IT!! lol

Poll results.

Sooo 13% said they Never looked at the tissue after wiping their asses

78% look all the time

and 10% said sometimes...

Now for those who said never...I know your walking around with the mudd butt better start looking at the toilet paper!!!


Banned Betty Boop Cartoon

Smh at this, no words. Just go to 3:00, I believe the babies are called "The Colorful Three"

On another note: Real Betty Boop....

BBQ + Unlimited 40oz on Van man!!

This should be fun!