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Song of the day 4/16/09

I've had my tv on music choice solid oldies for about 3 hours, i watched heroes today and three songs played on the epi were solid oldies. So I'm gonna go with a solid oldie today. Back when they wrote their own lyrics, played their own instruments and sang their own songs, everything was original. Todays video isn't exactly the original to the song but whatever.... I heard a remake to this song, and it basically sounded exactly the same. Sometimes classics are best left at that... CLASSIC! I hate when artist remake songs from back in the day, and kids know nothing of the original song or artist... dammet know your music!

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons "Beggin"

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Broadway J. Baker said...

I so desperately wanna wear a poodle skirt and attend a SOCK HOP!