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Gay Marriage

Gay rights advocate Matthew Arnold-Lloyd of Albany, N.Y., right, meets nose to nose with an unidentified man opposed to gay marriage during a rally outside the Capitol in Albany, Tuesday, April 28, 2009. Gay rights advocates want the Legislature to approve legislation to legalize gay marriage in New York.

So I, along with a lot of people support gay rights. Everyone has the right to do what they want to do. That's the beauty of America. Almost everyone in the U.S. supports gay rights, but then what is all this fuss about gay marriage? They have the right to qualify for the same jobs, where to live, an equal way of life basically. But when marriage comes up some are skeptical. Isn't that kind of twisting the law? The majority of the people voting FOR equal gay rights, are the one OPPOSED to gay marriage.... Come on. It's "against the bible"... now religion and government are two different things, and the two aren't suppose to mix, well at least that's what i learned in history class. Hence why catholic/religious schools are not funded by the government. Now if marriage is suppose to be a spritual biblical thing, why is the government getting involved with who's marrying who? Government has no right to say a man can't marry a man, or a woman can't marry a woman. Just my opinion


JOFre$h said...

I dont condone it but to each its own. However your playlist is DOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Backyard betty said...

I think everyone should do what makes them happy except for killing...now that Im not with! They need to fall back and let gay people elope wtf man

Broadway J. Baker said...

So...I have gay married friends. They're happy. This is the land of LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

All this gov't is proving by trying to hold back homosexuals from marrying is that this country is built on and run on bullshit!