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Boo lovin' season is OVER!!!

As most of my homeboys have been saying "Once the fucking weather starts getting warmer and niggas start going outside with their shirts off you gonna wish you didn't have a boyfriend rell!!" I wouldn't say I necessarily agree with this lol but to each their own. Almost everyone I know has gone through a breakup within the past week. Summer time is almost here and we all going to be acting Young dumb and Fulla Cum. Boww chicaa boww woowwwww!!

PSA From Ms. Junglepussy herself...Niggas & Bitches Listen up!!


SHAYNA! said...


Anonymous said...

get you a MAN and not a boy !

Backyard betty said...

He's a boy trapped in a man's age!...Does that make sense? no? Fuck it!! lmao