A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

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"Killing under the cloak of war is no different than murder"

Erykah Badu - Didn't cha know

I love Erykah I can honestly say she intrigues the fuck out of me she smokes hella weed so we can most def relate I must meet her one day..

Tell'em That I Sent Ya...

AUGUST 28th, 2009

Diff'Rent World Ent Presents "Ralph Lauren Was Borin' Before I Wore Em"


@ Club Amazura For Their 2-Year Anniversary Party

Also Celebrating: KING BUBBA'S BDAY BASH

(Ladies are excused from the POLO theme, just have a nice dress)








I love this song...When this shit comes on I have no idea but I just want to take my shirt off lol.


a big smh to love child assumptions

If you haven't heard yet, Michael Jackson supposedly admitted to having a one night stand in 1984 with a woman by the name of Pia. The result a baby boy named Omer Bhatti. He was sitting in the front row of MJ's memorial looking very much like a Jackson with shades on. He met his "love child" in 1996, and later started living at the Neverland Ranch, with his parents who became a Nanny, and his father a chauffeur. Now Omer is getting a DNA to verify if MJ is indeed his biological father. Heee Heeeeee!
Omer & MJ

A MJ's memorial

Omer Bhatti

2nd speculation ::sighs:: Evan Ross.... Nothing legit, just something I found on google. This woulda been some kind of a scandel though, I have to admit.



Click to enlarge

Of course this is Evan's real father


Yea somewhat of a personal blog but fuck it I need to vent something serious.
Not the type to act out and show my emotions but I love to write them down...Everyone that knows me know that I can write my ass off. Most of you don't know about the person I dealt with and its a good thing you don't. Wouldn't say He was the worst thing that happened to me but he most definintely wasn't the best. Something like trying to fit a triangle into a circle space....IT'S JUST NOT GOING TO WORK. Should've been told myself this but eh..Yea Im somewhat hard headed have to get hurt in order to get the shit through. But its whatever its clear as day what must be done...I can't continue to deal with boys.

Red Bull Music Academy


Quote On!!!

"Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision"
-Salvador Dali

System of the Down - Aerials

So this video scares the shit out of me lol This little boy is creepy as fuck.

How Do You Make a Daddy?

A reader contacted me and the more we spoke, the more I felt this would help her. I posted this somewhere else but here you go, darling!

Father (fah-th er) -noun
1. a male parent.
2. a man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternal protector or provider

It's simple for a dictionary to just give us these words and expect it to be suffice. But, a father is so much more.

He is supposed to be the first man you live with. The first man to tell you that you are beautiful and offer you the world. He's supposed to toss you in the air and chase away those night-time monsters or at least show you that the "monster" is the clothes you forgot to put away.

He is your source of foundation. You watch in awe how he perfectly balances out the superhero your mom is. You fall in love with his smells and the scruff of his beard as he kisses you goodnight. Your father is the first man to give you a pet name. "Hey Pumpkin!" "Good Morning, Babydoll!" "How's Daddy's Little Girl?"

He tells you your worth so that you don't get back the wrong change. He prepares you for the bitter world of the opposite sex because he's "done it all". He wipes away the tears after you fall off your bike when he lets go. He eats your vegetables when your mom isn't looking so you won't sit at the kitchen table all night long.

He lets you sit on his shoulders at the parade so you don't miss the floats. As you get older, he interrogates the guys you bring around. He deals with your PMS because it reminds him that his "princess" is almost a QUEEN. That's what the fathers on TV do, anyway.

I'm sorry, Webster's Dictionary, you didn't provide with me that.

But, neither did the men my mom brought in my life. I've been a Daddyless girl for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was the first man I lived with. But, he was hardly around. Yet, I loved when he'd come home and pat me on the head, "Hey Kid...que pasa?" I look forward to those moments even today. It is the one thing a man has given to me without finding a way to take it back.

I considered "fathers" a lost cause for me. I gave 18 years of my life to men who left me unprepared for life. Alas! Boys liked me. I began to cling to and "love" every guy who gave me enough attention. I was lost in myself. They claimed to see me. How? I couldn't even see myself! I became a blank canvas for them to paint who they wanted me to be. I allowed all these men to convince me that THEY knew what was right for ME. And, I got the attention I so badly craved.They weren't giving me what I deserved, though. Every night, my drawer came up short. I was losing. And, I just couldn't let that happen.

A father is defined as a man who "protects" and "provides". But, THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE DOING.....right? Protecting us from STDS as they Provided me with good/bad sex?!? Protecting me from the "dangers" that happen in movie theaters, museums, and parks while providing me with mediocre conversations and awkward silence while we got dressed after more sex? No? I missed the point? Clearly.

I wasn't trusting myself enough to make the right decisions for me. Maybe it was because I didn't care. If these guys were giving me what I felt I needed, why waste time looking for self-enlightenment. They didn't think I was so bad. Soon enough, that hole wasn't so easy to fill. I didn't trust men in the driver's seat anymore. I refused to be the passenger in my life any longer. I started to look in the mirror and see hints of a face I hadn't seen in a while.

"Hey you!"
"Hey me!"

I am a member of the "fatherless tribe". But, I refuse to let that be what defines me. Although, my sole requirement in a man was "someone who will be a great father to my kids", I now fully understand it. I want a man who can provide and protect. Currently, I'm provided with the love I sought from myself. My heart is protected only because I am now wiser as to who's hands I place it in. He's a provider and protector, as well. He doesn't look at me as a blank canvas for him to paint on but, as a mound of clay for Taniqua to shape herself into who she wants to be. He provides me with inspiration and insight to how high in value I am. He protects me from those who are looking to turn me into chump change. I'm no longer trying to turn my dollar into your fifteen cents.

I Heart BMX Boys ;D


SUNDAY July, 19th


brought to you by Good Peoples & Post Bikes

music by DJ Schoolboy

Bring your bikes for the ramp, bunny hop bar & grindbox!

Post Bike Shop
172 North 1st St
btwn Bedford & Driggs
Brooklyn, NY

3pm – 8pm

$7 for all you can eat

Free Colt 45 while it lasts!!

Song of the day 7/16/09

Bad ass band, bad ass song. And if you never heard any music from The Mars Volta I suggest you look them up. Dudes voice is something different, havent heard someone sing like him, he kind of cry/sings. Don't know if those two go together but ah well you'll see.... So without further delay this is The Mars Volta with "The Widow"



On Sunday, July 19th, Kings County Cinema Society presents two recent hip-hop documentaries at Littlefield, a brand new performance and art space in Gowanus Brooklyn.

Join us for free screenings of the Beastie Boys concert doc Awesome; I Fuckin Shot That! at 6 p.m. followed by the Wu-Tang Clan in Rock The Bells at 8:30, with sets from DJ empanadamn between and following the films. Following Rock the Bells, author Jaime Lowe will be on hand to discuss her book "Digging For Dirt: The Life and Death of ODB."

Doors open at 5pm for this event. No cover. Happy hour specials on drinks all night. empanadamn (buhbOmp.com) will be playing all Beastie Boy + Wu-Tang cuts, including appearances, collaborations, original breaks & samples.

Kings County Cinema Society is an informal group devoted to the unfettered, unbiased love of film and the moving image in the borough of Brooklyn, and occasionally beyond. They host free/DIY events on a weekly basis all over our favorite borough.
Littlefield is located at 622 Degraw St. btw. 3rd and 4th Ave in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

for more info:

Movie Date!

This movie looks really cute! Not to mention Michael Cera and Seth Rogen are adorable comedians! I'm definitely taking a trip to the theaters to see this film.

Nick Cannon

Who gave this motherfucker a record deal though?...I know Ya remember this corny ass song! lol

ADOPTION: Do you think adoption has an effect on someones life?


Me and my Adoptive Mom

Me personally I believe so...I asked my fellow blog mate Ginger and she said it does but then again everyone takes things differently. Me being adopted I see that I need attention not that I crave it but when I feel like I'm being ignored in anyway I automatically crawl into a shell. I wouldn't know why exactly I feel this way but I just do....Maybe because I feel that my Bio-logical parents abandonded me so will everyone else.

But it was for the best Sharon was a crackhead and James was a drug dealer/ Convicted cop killer. I guess thats why I'm so " Bugged Out" as Ginger would say lol. But besides all that I'm really grateful that my adopted mother (Judy)saved my life lord knows where I would've winded up. Everyone asks me why I never look for my bio-logical parents..But I think if they wanted to see me they would contact me I lived at the same location my whole damn life.

Sharon use to be around only when my grandma was alive and kept shit together. Isn't it sad when that one person that kept everyone together passes away?

She was around for birthdays until I was 3 yrs old and then after grandma died I didn't see her until I was 7 and that would be the last.

I seen James before he got deported I was around 6yrs old kinda sucks because I remember going to see a man but I just can't remember his face....and a year later I went to albany to see sharon I can honestly say that I remember that trip to a T .The visit was not welcoming at all. I was really excited to see my younger sister shadae , she was the only one that showed love. I haven't seen them since its been 15years....

Melo-X @ SOB's


Order tickets here

Song of the day 7/09/09

So ummm I really dont have a back story for this song, but I do want to dedicate this to my friend Nina. It's a kick ass song, it was 1984 and the short shorts are bad ass! Who wouldn't love George Michael with high lights, and a "choose life" tee?

What a let down!

So Seether remade a fucking classic. It was cool enough to put it on my ipod. Just saw the video and I have to say, wtf is this about!?!? You remake a WHAM! song and this is the video you do? Atari effects can only take you but so far people! Centipede anyone?

And with that I give you song of the day....

Trey Songz * Anticipation

I think it's already been established that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Trey Songz! I give you his latest project, Anticipation. This mixtape is w i c k e d!! Definitely some tracks that need to be added to everyone's SEXYTIME playlists like "Scratchin Me Up", "On Top", and "Make It Rain". LADIES, ARE YOUR PUSSIES THROBBING YET?!?

Two tracks were pre-released by Trey Songz during Trey Songz Music Monday, "You Belong To Me" and "She Ain't My Girl" featuring Sammie. If you're a vagina-owner on Twitter and NOT following this harmonious songbird from Songbook, you are crazy! [@songzyuuup] If my mister didn't handle his business, Trey's shirtless live video streams would be my only way I knew my plumbing worked just fine. Wink muhfckin WINK!!!

**I can't even get my silly computer to get me a link. The zhare link is now defunct. Sorry folks. I'll work on it.

RSNY * The Remixes

The third mixtape from artists Yung Juggz, G Swagger, Rockstar Remix, Fly Guy Nycks, Beniton Da Menace, Drugzzz B, and Casino, all hailing from Far Rockaway is hosted by DJ Jasmine Solano. This mixtape features their popular hit, "Addicted to Weed", a personal favorite of mine, "Shorty Bad" and covers of some of your favorite tracks out now.

Not to get all sappy on ya'll muhfckaz, but I am so proud of the hard work these guys have put into their projects. Before "Powerbomb That Ho", these fellas were dancing machines and party promoting phenoms. I'm happy to have watched them on their path from the Rock to the Top.

Download the mixtape so the next time you hear one of the tracks in the club, you can sing along.

Click here to get your copy NOW!


I walked out of my house and saw a flyer for this taped to the street light. I began asking around and it's a pretty popular event.

Official film site http://www.amannamedpearl.com/
Afro-punk Festival 2009 http://www.afropunk.com/
* Films run 3-8 July
* Music/ Skate park 3-6 July
* Block party 12 July


30 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

------------------------------Full film schedule------------------------------
2pm – Petey Greene: Adjust Your Color (60min) & Faubourg-Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans (68min)

4:45pm – A Man Named Pearl (78min)

6:50pm – Eventual Salvation (87min) + Q & A

9:30pm – Favela Rising (80min) & Hoods to Woods (25min) + intro only

2pm – The Anderson Platoon (62min) + Fred Hampton interviews (29min)

4:30pm - Crips and Bloods: Made in America (93min)

6:50pm – Afro Saxons (84min)

9:15pm – Attica! (90min)

SUNDAY JULY 5th: In Honor Of Spike Lee. Afro-punk Honors 20th Anniversary Of "Do The Right Thing"
2pm – Joe’s Bed-Stuy Barbershop (58min) & The Making of Do The Right Thing (60min)

4:30pm – School Daze (120min)

7pm – A Huey P. Newton Story (86min)

9:00pm – Get on the Bus (120 minutes)

4:30pm – A Man Named Pearl (78min)

6:30pm – The Two Towns of Jasper (90min) + Q & A

9:15pm - Afro Punk & WLBS (150min) + intro

4:30: When We Were Kings (89min)

6:50: What’s On Your Plate (72min) + Q & A

9:30: The Night James Brown Saved Boston (75min)

4:30pm - Petey Greene: Adjust Your Color (60min) & Faubourg-Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans (68min)

6:50pm – Revolution ’67 (90min) + Q & A

9:30pm – Medicine for Melancholy