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Trey Songz * Anticipation

I think it's already been established that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Trey Songz! I give you his latest project, Anticipation. This mixtape is w i c k e d!! Definitely some tracks that need to be added to everyone's SEXYTIME playlists like "Scratchin Me Up", "On Top", and "Make It Rain". LADIES, ARE YOUR PUSSIES THROBBING YET?!?

Two tracks were pre-released by Trey Songz during Trey Songz Music Monday, "You Belong To Me" and "She Ain't My Girl" featuring Sammie. If you're a vagina-owner on Twitter and NOT following this harmonious songbird from Songbook, you are crazy! [@songzyuuup] If my mister didn't handle his business, Trey's shirtless live video streams would be my only way I knew my plumbing worked just fine. Wink muhfckin WINK!!!

**I can't even get my silly computer to get me a link. The zhare link is now defunct. Sorry folks. I'll work on it.


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