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Ridiculous infomercials....

I love infomercials, and I believe almost all of them up until there finished, and I picture myself using them. That's when I come to grips with reality; Most of them don't work. They're fun to watch, and even more fun when they actually work! But anyway here's some of the one's I like.......

The EZ cracker! Who says we have to crack or even scramble eggs ourselves!? Leave it to the EZ Cracker!

The Perfect Brownie: This is just convenient, and I actually wanna get this. Although my brownies never come out likethey do in the beginning of this infomercial.

This next one is everyone's favorite! I have somewhere in my house, and I can't find it to use it.... once I do find it, i will update you guys!

BEST FOR LAST!!!!! LMFAO @ 55 seconds. This fool!

Taking it back!

You just weren't the shit unless you had one of these..... And I went through my fair share!

Cell Block Tango

Favorite part of the movie chicago...actually know Half of the dance moves (don't judge me! lol)

WTF is this?!!?!

A movie Trailer I stumbled upon.... It's called "The Human Centipede". Shit looks wacked out, dude is definitely a nut job.....

New Eclipse Trailer

Groupie? Naahhh, I see myself as a mini fan of these movies. I find them kind of cheesy and I laugh at them in theaters. But when they come out on dvd I want to watch them over and over. It's just something about the dudes. But before I start rambling on and on about Jacobs abs, and the fact that he turns into a werewolf, and defends Bella (who doesn't deserve him), and is just sooo damn adorable- you see! Ugh Jacob!

Cat on LSD

Seen this on youtube about 2 years ago and till this day the shit still creeps me out.

The Tudors

I swear this show is like softporn...I just can't get enough! Me and Lil have been glued to the T.V for six hours watching season 2. And this shit is fucking great. Did I mention how hot King Henry is? ..If your not up on this show ...I suggest you get up on it!!!!

Par-City 's MixTape Held over The Hold up PT2

Par city is a well respected rap group native to the Bronx, New York. Group members Willy Dope, Anti and GIF collectively bring hip-hop back to its birthplace. Established in 2003, the three quickly realized they each shared the same passion for hip hop culture and decided to pursue their love of music together

Par-City "Held Over: The Hold Up pt2" hosted by Mz. Stylez of shade45 & Sirius Radio.


Do you know what they're doing to you?


Acid is a powerful hallucinogenic drug that alters your perception of the outside world.
Acid can turn you into a gibbering, giggling wreck, make the world seem like a magical place, and in one sublime experience, even make Cardiff City's football ground look like the San Siro stadium.
During the course of a trip, the entire universe can turn wibbly, colours become deeply intense, everyday objects take on bizarre and sometimes wonderful new forms, and all your senses can become confused and distorted.
Usually coming in the form of small squares of paper or tiny pellets , acid can take anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours to take effect, with trips usually lasting around 7 to 12 hours. There's no real way of knowing how strong a tab is or how it will affect you.
Because of the unexpected and random effects of taking acid, it's always best to take it somewhere you feel comfortable and safe, preferably surrounded by friends you trust.
If you're out clubbing, make sure you've got somewhere to go to afterwards as it can be quite a challenge trying to work out a night bus timetable when all you can see is a set of oscillating black blobs.

Side effects: Expect to make a substantial arse of yourself after taking acid. You will quite probably bellow out loud at the sight of a teacup, converse with the trees, talk complete gibberish for hours on end and annoy just about anyone within a ten yard radius.
If you're trying to impress a new girlfriend on a first date, we'd recommend you give it a very wide berth indeed.
Some people may experience flashbacks days or even weeks after taking acid, where it can feel like they're reliving certain elements of their trip.
Health risks: There are no known physical side effects associated with acid use, nor is there any evidence of brain damage. There are some psychological risks, however, particularly for those with a history of mental problems.
Avoid taking acid if you're already feeling pissed off as this could result in a bad trip. People have been known to harm themselves under the influence of acid, so be sure to have responsible friends around you.
Be careful not to take more acid when you're waiting to come up - some acid can take a long time to take effect and it's rare to get duff gear.
Detection periods: LSD can be detected in the urine up to 2-3 days after use at common levels.


Delivering a quick and euphoric high, a blast of top quality coke can make you feel like you've just scored the winning goal in a FA Cup Final.
Confidence soars through the roof, the heart thumps out a drum'n'bass crescendo, while you feel like you're on top of the world. Such is the strength of the drug, even the Grimthorpe Working Men's Club feels like a happening hotspot after a hefty noseful.
Unfortunately the hit doesn't last very long (around 20-30 minutes) and this encourages repeated - and wallet-crushing - doses. Smoking cocaine can give you a stronger hit, but effects can wear off in as little as 10 minutes.

Side effects: You may well feel like a million dollars on coke, but to those around you, you may well appear as an arrogant, loud asshole with your incessant gibbering and insincere waffling.


Crack is made from cocaine, baking soda and water.
Usually smoked through a water pipe (sometimes in cigarettes or joints), it produces a rapid, ultra-intense high which lasts for about 2 minutes, followed by a pleasurable buzz which usually lasts around 20 minutes before a long low or crash. Because the hit is so strong, some people get hooked on the sensation and end up blowing all their cash trying to repeat the high, or overdosing.
Crack has increased in popularity hugely in recent years, with both clubbers and professionals regularly taking the drug (figures from the Home Office's British Crime Survey reveal that one in 30 British men aged between 19 and 24 has used crack - twice as many as in 1996 and four times as many as in 1993).
Despite media claims to the contrary, addiction is very rarely instant

Side effects: Because of the addictive nature of crack, there is a strong link to crime as users seek to fund their habit. Some people can get very aggressive on crack or lose control and put themselves at risk.
The huge mood swings created by the drug can bring about paranoia and depression. High doses can result in psychosis, confusion, irritability, fear, paranoia, hallucinations and aggressive anti social behaviour. Not a drug if you're trying to impress a new date, then.

Crystal Methamphetamin

Crystal meth is an intensive stimulant with disinhibitory qualities
Once very big amongst some of the US gay community but now spreading fast into mainstream culture, meth was originally used by bikers and truckers to stay awake on long journeys.
Crystal is made of highly volatile, toxic substances (based on such chemical "precursors" as methylamine and amyl amine) that are melded in differing combinations, forming what some have described as a "mix of laundry detergent and lighter fluid."
The drug can either be snorted or injected, or in its crystal form 'ice' smoked in a pipe, and brings on a feeling of exhilaration and a sharpening of focus. Smoking ice results in an instantaneous dose of almost pure drug to the brain, giving a huge rush followed by a feeling of euphoria for anything from 2-16 hours.
For some this could result in obsessive cleaning or tidying, but for many the biggest bonus is the sense of sexual liberation which can result in mad, abandoned sex for hours - sometimes days - on end.

Side effects: The biggest risk is from the increased chance of HIV infection through unprotected and uninhibited sex while under the influence of meth. The liberating nature of the drug means that often safe sex is discarded while sexual activity increases greatly. It has been reported in the States that in almost half of the new AIDS cases, crystal meth has been a factor.
Smoking ice results in body temperature rises and rapid cardiac and respiratory rates developing as the blood pressure increases. The drug can lead to hallucinations, paranoia, and bizarre, aggressive and psychotic behaviour.
Health risks: The effects and dependence potential of meth are similar to that of amphetamine misuse, although as the stuff is a lot stronger, the dangers involved are greater with an increased chance of overdose.
Overuse can bring on paranoia, short term memory loss, wild rages and mood swings as well as damage to your immune system. As far as we know, it is not physically addictive, although many have quickly developed a very strong psychological and damaging dependence for the drug.
Overdosing can lead to severe convulsions followed by circulatory and respiratory collapse, coma and death. Some people have died after taking small doses.
The mix of chemicals, method of use and the user's lifestyle can do serious damage to the mouth ('Meth mouth'), with teeth rotting to the gum line as a result of the meth vapours.


Ecstasy is a powerful stimulant and mood changer that speeds up your body system and alters your perception of the world.
It can make you feel both uplifted and relaxed and feeling very happy, usually with an overwhelming urge to dance. The effects of E vary considerably from one person to the next, depending on who you're with, where you are and how you're feeling at the time.
The effects of E can be felt for anything up to 8 hours, although this time reduces considerably for regular users.
Within 20 minutes to an hour after taking ecstasy, your heart may go into bangin' gabba overdrive and you might feel a bit hot and sticky while your mouth goes dry. Sometimes, you'll come up with a huge exhilarating rush and possibly experience hallucinations.
During the two hours when the effects are their strongest, even the sound of a cutlery tray being dropped will sound unbearably danceable, you'll be walking around with a ludicrous grin on your face and even a set of Millwall fans will appear hugely huggable.Lights will seem brighter and colours more intense. You'll feel firmly locked into the groove on the dancefloor and feel happy and confident. These feelings will slowly diminish as the drugs wear down.
Because E removes all feelings of tiredness and thirst it is vital that you keep yourself hydrated if you're dancing non-stop. Try to drink around a pint of fluid an hour (not alcohol) to replace fluids lost by dancing - isotonic drinks are particularly good. If you're not dancing then you don't need to drink so much as it can be harmful


Heroin is a powerful and addictive substance that can be sold in the form of a powder, pill, or a liquid. It's growth in the UK is of epidemic proportions, with children as young as 10-14 years old experimenting with the drug and an estimated 3-500,000 addicts.
Heroin can be smoked with tobacco, heated on tin foil ('chasing the dragon'), snorted or injected, either just below the skin's surface ('skin popping') or directly into a vein ('mainlining'). The majority of UK addicts inject the drug.
Initially most users experience a sleepy, pleasant euphoria and total relief from stress and anxiety as the drug enters the system. This then makes way for a feeling of calm and relaxation.
Heroin is not instantly addictive, but with regular usage the body adjusts and tolerance sets in, until no pleasurable feelings are felt at all. By then the body needs the drug just to stay 'normal' and keep off the pains of withdrawal.
Some heroin addicts - often the younger ones - find themselves getting involved with crime and prostitution to feed their habit, and this sometimes ends up by them being exploited by others.
No matter what 'cool' imagery the media tries to portray about the drug, the stark truth is that heroin addiction is a hard, ugly addiction for most people and one that has wrecked many, many lives - although it is important to note that not all heroin addicts fit the media stereotype of the smacked up loser bumbling around in the gutter.
Some manage to live relatively normal lives with their addiction, although this can be dependent on securing access to a clean supply.

Side effects: Heroin can turn some people into mumbling, introspective bores, unable to get a grip on what's going on around them. Female users may have interrupted periods. Heroin suppresses the appetite and dehydrates the body and this can lead to users not eating properly and their health subsequently suffering.
Someone withdrawing from an opiate habit (clucking, or going cold turkey) is going to have a really grim time. Hot and cold sweats, nausea, diarrhoea and confusion are accompanied by an intense craving to take more of the drug to make them well again.
Heroin withdrawal is not physically dangerous, but will almost certainly be very unpleasant.

Health risks: Most of the dangers of heroin use come from using shared or dirty needles which can considerably increase your chances of contracting diseases like HIV (see HIV: preventing infection), hepatitis, septicaemia, gangrene and pneumonia as well as developing body sores and ulcers.
Overdosing can lead to death. There have also been many deaths from people buying street heroin that is either too pure or cut with dangerous substances.


The harvesting season is between September and November. After picking, mushrooms are usually eaten raw, cooked, made into a drink, or dried for later consumption. They are usually sold loose in bags or crushed into tablets.
The effects of mushrooms are very similar to acid, although some report a more 'natural' high sometimes with a feeling of being detached. Small doses can bring on excitement and euphoria, while bigger doses an bring on shape and colour distortions and vivid hallucinations.

Side effects: Much the same as acid. Some users complain of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pains. Like all hallucinogens, how good or bad your trip will be can be affected by who you are with, where you are and how you're feeling at the time. Some people also report flashbacks. It is important to be in a safe environment as some people can panic and get confused.

Like all drugs, the exact nature and strength of the effects doesn't just depend on the amount of mushrooms taken: the body weight, tolerance levels, and general physical health and mental state of the user all have parts to play.

Health risks: Little research has been done into the long-term effects of mushrooms. There are no serious problems such as dependence and withdrawal associated with the drug, and as the body quickly develops tolerance, continuous use is unlikely. The hallucinatory effects of the drug can make people at risk of accidents, while the biggest risk is of people mistakenly picking and consuming poisonous mushrooms - make sure you know what you're taking. If in any doubt, don't take them.

Methods of Mayhem - Get Naked

I don't think alot of people remember this video but I do!! lol go figures ;D...GET NAKED!!!

Havent been on my music shit lately and im clearly late with my homeboys Melo X's Audio foreplay project...All I can say is ..Pure awesomenesss in a package...Downloading this is a must...So fucking do it!!! xoxox betty ;D

Audio Foreplay


1. Texting Sem Intro (DJ Semtex BBC 1Xtra)
2. The Highest (Extended Live Redit)
3. Google Wave (Sonic Intercourse Album Snippet)
4. A Tribe Called Dilla
5. JHS97 Riddim (Mark Ronson EVR Shout Out)
6. Drown Me Out Ft. Jade (MeLo-X Remix)
7. Hear The Static Ft. MNDR
8. Paramali (Sonic Intercourse Album Snippet)
9. Work This City Ft. Body Language (MeLo-X Remix)
10. Kada Manja Ft. The Very Best (MeLo-X Remix)
11. Birth of Venus Ft. Nikki NTU (MeLo-X Remix)
12. Female Prophylactic (Endtro)
13. Houstatlantavegas Ft. Sonnymoon (MeLo-X Sonnymoon vs. Nite Jewel Vs. Drake Mashup Remix)
14. ZephyrXtra (Basement Jaxx Rework)
15. Outro (Gilles Peterson Meets Marlon Wayans Meets DJ Semtex)


The Anticipated LP "Crosbyfication" Which Is set to Release late April. His 3rd Mixtape/LP Installment since "The Crosby Show" released last year. But This is an All Original Project coming From the Artist... His First Of Many To Come in the future. More Information fill surface all month about the project @ www.triplebrecords.ca/newblog & Through the social Networking sites... Google, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Blogs ... Get Ready Folks, It's Triple B, Best Of Both Borders...

Download Noww!!

Photos:Alex Vlad (www.captivatethem.ca)



PussyGaloreee On the RunandEat Show.

So me and Angie (New member of pussy galoreee) Went to williamsburg to be interviewed by ehTMills! He was the coolest and I can't wait to do another segment (Click the link below to listen!)

PussyGaloreee on Run&Eat

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I completely busted out hysterically laughing at this fuckin picture right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how old it is, where it's from, but this has to be one of the funniest things I have ever encountered on the internet!


Introducing to you motherfucking MARC PAPERS

An Up and coming rapper coming from the best borough none other than BROOKLYNNN!!!...Loook out for more future post featuring Mr. Papers ;D

Marc Papers - Rippin' The Pro Tools

Marc Papers & Merlo EOW Performance "Who Run It'


Plastic Surgery Disaster!!!!!!!!

I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS!!!!! WTF IS UP WITH THIS BITCHES FACE!!!?!!!?!?!!!!?!!?!!!!!!?????


Bring it back!

Well when I got cable for the first time, i was a pre-teen, so I was always into those cheesy tv shows and movies they used to give on the disney channel. And I realize they barely show disney tv movies anymore. I remember it was at least one Saturday a month they used to premiere a new movie. They don't even show movie surfers anymore..... Remember when Christina Milian was a movie surfer? If you don't then maybe ou were just too young and missed out on a lot of good tv, cause the shit they showing now is crap. But anywho see if you remember any of these movies..... Stepsister From Planet Weird, Johnny Tsunami, Halloweentown, Susie Q, Rip Girls, Gotta Kick It Up, Motorcrossed,Tru Confessions, Quints, Cadet Kelly, Get A Clue, Luck of The Irish, and these of course!

When 1 is enough.....

One thing I hate the most is a cheesy movie franchise..... There re good ones out there don't get me wrong. But not everyone can get through it with their dignity and pride intact. Star Wars, Nightmare On Elm Street, Indiana Jones, soon to be Transformers and Harry Potter. Even the first few Friday the 13th's, and the first 2 Halloweens! But why on earth would you milk a movie so much, that by the time the 3rd one comes along it's fucking dusty!? Remakes are ok I guess, just as long as it's done with decency, and respect for the original. These are a few of my pick that should've been left alone..... Stop sucking on the teet!
And that goes for cartoons too! Aladdin and The Prince of Thieves? Come on. Part 2 and 3 of the Little Mermaid, Pocahantas had a 2nd part too. We all know she really died when she got to Britain.

30 Seconds To Mars

::sigh:: Tomo, Jared and Shannon.... I got to catch up with some bands I used to listen to.... And it never occured to me that 30 Seconds To Mars had a new video for "Kings and Queens" out for a while.... meaning NEW ALBUM! So I went to amazon and listened to snippets from "This Is War", and I have to say the album is not bad at all. Jared voice sounds more mature, and raw. It's a totally different sound from their early albums, self entitled "30 Seconds To Mars" and their second release "A Beautiful Lie" . I feel extremely slow seeing as how the album was released back in December 2009, that's how tired and lazy I've been lately. Right now my favorite song is "Night Of The Hunter", it's most likely to change everytime I keep listening to the album. They've done a great job on this one, OH! And apparently Kanye West is on a song, "Hurricane", it's pretty damn good. From watching interviews of the band I learned that they are really appreciative of their fans ALL OVER THE GLOBE. "This Is War" has 2,000 different album covers, the band asked fans from all around the world to send their pictures of themselves, and the best ones were selected and randomly shipped to record stores worldwide. There are a few familiar faces featured on the cover as well. Bam Margera, Kat Von D, Gabe Saporta, even Conan O'Brien! What more could a band give their fans, but to put them on the album cover!?
I wish I knew about this, but like I said before I've been lazy. These are the covers..... lucky bunch of fans right there. I think this is the best way to show how much a band could appreciate their fans. If I was high right now I'd probably shed a tear from be overly emotional right now. This is soo bad ass. But congratulations to 30 Seconds To Mars on all your success, and I hope you have a long and cosmic career together..... The day Jared Leto reads this I'll pass out, but that's not happening. Anywho go listen to the album, cause I said so! Below is the video for "Kings and Queens" and also the link to Jared's blog. Enjoy!

Notes From The Outernet

Oral Fixations

Some might think of the thought of giving oral sex and find it to be completely disgusting some might find it to be exciting, Others may like giving or recieving. Me personally it would have to be an 80/20 split between giving and recieving. I like giving because I love the reaction that my partner displays.... it turns me on and makes me want to continue giving. Recieving doesn't do much unless Im stress as fuck otherwise it doesn't do much for me...went on to ask people what they thought about sex and it seems like alot of people shy away from this question. But I've gotten some answers from a couple of brave souls.

"Personally i love giving my guy oral sex, deepthroat, swallowing the whole shebang. I assumed everyone starts with it lol. My major turn on being able to please him. Its important to find each others comfort levels & wants in bed. Try when your not in a sexual situation to talk about it. Make sure she knows you wouldnt think any less of her ever for returning the favor. Getting to a level you can talk openly about it is key in bed. Also when she does agree to it,since she has an issue try and make it as romantic as possible. Just trying to think of things i might like, brush her hair out of her face or complement her on how amazing she looks when she plays with you, or make her stop for a min because "she made you want her kiss her soo bad", i also find it extremely comforting that my guy still wants to kiss after where ive been lol. Its comforting and might take away some guilt of it feeling "dirty". " -Female Anonymous


"God's gift to humanity" @kidzrevil /Via twitter

"when it comes to fellaysh there is just this amazing sense of power u feel knowing ur controlling ur partner at that very moment. every gasp every moan, when u see them toes curl up like Ronald Isley in the down low video... lmfao I DID THIS TO YOUUU!! lmfao n if he's special u give him the GRAND FINALE....and when those knees give out... shit is like an A+ on a final paper or some shit... lmaooo- Famale Anonymous

Catchy songs...

was chilling with lil and realized there are alot of songs that are catchy as fuck that you can't seem to get it out your head once it's in. Did some brainstorming and here are SOME catchy songs we're came up with.

Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop


I watched Bonnie and Clyde for the first time today thanks to TCM.
I told Betty about it, and all she had to say was "You and your older men!".
All I could talk about was how good Warren Beatty looked in the movie.
Don't get me wrong just cause there's a good looking dude on the
screen doesn't mean I'm not gonna pay attention to the film. I LOVED it!
And I'm actually gonna buy it on dvd when I get a chance. Now of course
the movie wasn't all relevant to the true story. As always with Hollywood.
Through their time together they actually spent time in prison sporadically,
and once released they'd meet up and go back to their life of crime, the
movie also left out but somewhat hinted that Clyde was probably bisexual,
but this seemed logical, seeing as how homosexuality was a big deal back
in the day. There's a scene where he "almost" has sex with Bonnie, but
something happens. Watch the movie and you'll see. They had a lot more
dirt under their fingernails then the movie showed. They killed way more
people in real life, lived more dangerously, no glitz, no glam. Also the way
they met was all wrong, from what I read they were introduced by a mutual
friend. This leaves me to wonder had Hollywood stood true to the complete
true, would the movie be just as entertaining? More gruesome thats for
damn sure. Nevertheless it was very entertaining to me. I don't want to get
all into it, I'd type up an essay. So instead, I'll leave the link that tells all about
their lives.

Bonnie & Clyde