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30 Seconds To Mars

::sigh:: Tomo, Jared and Shannon.... I got to catch up with some bands I used to listen to.... And it never occured to me that 30 Seconds To Mars had a new video for "Kings and Queens" out for a while.... meaning NEW ALBUM! So I went to amazon and listened to snippets from "This Is War", and I have to say the album is not bad at all. Jared voice sounds more mature, and raw. It's a totally different sound from their early albums, self entitled "30 Seconds To Mars" and their second release "A Beautiful Lie" . I feel extremely slow seeing as how the album was released back in December 2009, that's how tired and lazy I've been lately. Right now my favorite song is "Night Of The Hunter", it's most likely to change everytime I keep listening to the album. They've done a great job on this one, OH! And apparently Kanye West is on a song, "Hurricane", it's pretty damn good. From watching interviews of the band I learned that they are really appreciative of their fans ALL OVER THE GLOBE. "This Is War" has 2,000 different album covers, the band asked fans from all around the world to send their pictures of themselves, and the best ones were selected and randomly shipped to record stores worldwide. There are a few familiar faces featured on the cover as well. Bam Margera, Kat Von D, Gabe Saporta, even Conan O'Brien! What more could a band give their fans, but to put them on the album cover!?
I wish I knew about this, but like I said before I've been lazy. These are the covers..... lucky bunch of fans right there. I think this is the best way to show how much a band could appreciate their fans. If I was high right now I'd probably shed a tear from be overly emotional right now. This is soo bad ass. But congratulations to 30 Seconds To Mars on all your success, and I hope you have a long and cosmic career together..... The day Jared Leto reads this I'll pass out, but that's not happening. Anywho go listen to the album, cause I said so! Below is the video for "Kings and Queens" and also the link to Jared's blog. Enjoy!

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