A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

Kinda wanna....

I kinda wanna see this movie, I am a sucker for romance comedies like "Failure to launch", "How to lose a guy in 10 days", and "He's just not that into you". All star cast with Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey, Jeniffer Garner,Eric Dane, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Beil,Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, and I think Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift.... You can't go wrong with this movie.

M.I.A - Boyz

song is hot video is hot....can't help but shake ya ass when this shit comes on...don't front!

Black Star - Beautiful

This song does something magical to my soul..This isn't the full version but if you can get the whole version listen to it...the words are Beautiful.

Ok, so I'm a new gossip girl fan, I've seen a few epi's when it first aired, and I always thought that Ed Westwick looked like the evil twin brother of Brenden Urie from Panic @ The Disco. I'm gonna let you guys be the judge.

Ed Westwick

Brenden Urie

Song of the day 9/18/09

Red Hot Chili Peppers BAM! I had a crush on the lead singer when i was younger, and i kinda still do. This video was my favorite from them, it's really bright, and random. Enjoy

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

In high school I was inlove with this book probably read it about 100 times...I have each and every poem written on my closet...If you haven't read it yet...I suggest you do.


"Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared."

phuqradio episode 14 interview Marcus Aurelius of kandigirlz Magazine

phuqradio episode 14 interview Marcus Aurelius of kandigirlz Magazine from phuqradio on Vimeo.

Cleopatra Comin' atcha!!! loll

I know Ya'll remember this girl group that use to stay on the disney channel...can't front I liked like 2 of their songs...am I shamed? fuck no everyone liked that group they shouldn't had!




Feel-X presents "Table of Content."Lethal InspirationTha' Works Records

Download>> Table of Content

Fall into a Trance!

Download>> Fall into a Trace

Attention ALL Fashionistas

Fashion week has started and here is the schedule for the rest of the week. ENJOY

In A Tribe Called Quest mood...

Words can not explain how much I adore this group...they are the meaning of true hip hop and it truly saddens me that music isn't the same now a days...Fucking soulja boy...Yea im blaming it on him!!! lol...I was in the mood to watch all of their videos...So yup I'm going to post them all ;D press play and enjoy the wonderfull-ness.(Sorry for the video over-load guys but this must be done!!! lol)

Welcome to the Penthouse Chronicles!!

I'm positively sure that many of you will agree/relate to this video. If not, leave a comment so I can be sure to give you the side eye when I see you. :)

Penthouse Chronicles is a video series done by Mizz Urkle and this post features her friend and co-host, Sammy. They address real shit that we all see or live on a daily basis.

I first saw this post and it screamed out to me. I have had NUMEROUS conversations about these topics so THANK YA THANK YA THANK YA, ladies! :)

Show these ladies some love...watch and subscribe to their videos.

PS...can someone tell Mizz Urkle that she and I were born to be friends? I hear she loves Trey Songz like I do anddddd that both of us have an aura of pure fucking AWESOME! Thanks!

NY Cares Day: October 17th

So, my beautiful friend with an even more beautiful soul, Holley Monelle, is a team leader for this year's event. The task at hand is to brighten up the lives of the children of NYC. Organizing libraries, painting murals and classrooms, and brightening up playgrounds are a few of the jobs to be completed.

Join, donate, support!

To become a member, the fee is just $20.


Go NOW NOW NOW! Thankerz!

How Could You Be So Heartless?

I FUCKING LOVE THIS COVER! And, the video is cool too. ENJOY!

Another Batch of Movie Trailers...

Coming this Fall: Bruce Willis changes the world...

I'm not up for all the biblical rah-rah jazz but the whole "Good vs Evil" bit makes for entertaining movies.

Fuck YOU (if you judge me)...but I love vampires.

This is just a teaser but when has Leo done us wrong?

A nice little "fuck you and your judgments" again...but, this cartoon was GREAT!

Be careful who you give the pussygaloreee up to, ladies!!! YIKES!

For my fans of history and/or the theory of evolution:

Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White, anyone?!

Gotta end it off with an animated film! Voices of Steve Carell, Will Arnett, RUSSELL BRAND, and even Julie Andrews!


If you haven't seen the first one...get to it! So, we can have a field trip to see this one!

Ryan Leslie*You're Not My Girl

No @EffFreddy comparisons, ladies and gentlemen.

I enjoy RLes as an artist...here's his latest video:

Throwback movie of the day

Let's think back, back to 1994.... Yeah, I don't remember it either. But I do remember watching this in the movie theater! I won't get into that but just watch the preview fucker.

Song of the day 9/09/09

This song? Hmmm, I don't know if this was a huge hit but I used to love this song and the dude that singing it. The band of course is the Wallflowers, the lead singer is Jakob Dylan, son of Bob Dylan
A singer mostly known for his work in the 60's. He still performs till this day, and he was rumored to have introduced The Beatles to marijuana. But that's a whole other story.... Let's bring it back up to the 90's- a decaded we all remember. Here is it, enojoy!

Proper Etiquette

So I was eating soup about a half hour ago, and i tried eating soup the way Queen Elizabeth would. I got exhausted with it. So I looked up proper etiquette, and let me say watching this made me feel so caveman-ish. Mind you this video looks somewhat "Gone with the wind" like, but it's very informative. And I thought I learned a lot by just watching the princess diaries movie. HA! That movie ain't got shit on this lesson. And the voice reminds me of the dog Lady from "Lady And The Tramp". I can't wait to go to Friday's and show off my new skills.

Picture of the day

Yea this was taken at the 40oz bounce on sunday and I think it deserves this title


Picture taken by Poppa Purp

Who is Che Guevara?

Well easedaman brought my attention with this statement via twitter "@EaseDaMan: Why this group of guyanese people selling Che Guererra tees with him with shutter shades on? Wtfruck! Lol"...But I've always wondered who this guy was I seen posters of him..T-shirts...hats with his face on it Etc..So I Finally looked him up and this is what popped up!

When boredom hits...YOU POST!

So Ginger has me watching Almost Famous...I'm not sure if the movie is pulling me..I think Im more pulled in by twitter (at the moment). Well basically from where im catching the movie is about a young boy who wants to be a writer...he was only allowed 4 days to follow a band (told by his mother that was his limit) but winded up staying longer...blah blah blah blah blah maybe im not interested at the moment because im still somewhat high off of the sour diesal I smoked earlier (Ill try back later watching it, Its seems like a movie I should like ;/ just not right now!....I'm thinking about hitting up the Parkway but I'm not sure about that yet.the 40Oz was cool...I was dazed and confused through out the whole thinggg I didn't get to my reserved burger that I asked for but I got a hot dog instead...anywhos below are some of the pictures that were snapped yesterday ;D

^^Happy Birthday Shivs!!^^


Recently found a lady bug in my room, he/she was buggin out, and kept on going in circles in one corner of my room. So i did what any bored person would do. I took a pic and it got me thinking what are ladybugs about?! Spots basically mean nothing, they leave blood on your wall if you "stress them out", they can eat raisins. Ladybugs are the life of the party, They're rebellious!Photobucket
Random myths...
-In Sweden, folks believe that if a ladybug lands on a young maiden's hand, she will soon be getting married.
-If you find a ladybug in your house, count the number of spots and that is how many dollars you will soon receive.
-In England, finding a ladybug means that you will have a good harvest.
-In France, if you are sick and a ladybug lands on you, when it flies away, it will take the sickness with it.
-If a ladybug has more than seven spots, then there will be a famine. If it has less than seven, then there will be a good harvest.
-At one time, doctors would mash up ladybugs and put them in a cavity to cure a toothache.
-Some people believe that the number of spots on a ladybug indicates how many children you will have.
-If you find a ladybug in your house in the winter you will have good luck.

Quote on!

"I know not what I search for. But I know I have yet to find it. Because it is invisible to the eye, I must search for it blinded. And if by chance I find it,Will I know my mission achieved?" - Unknown.

"Bitch You Betta"

This shit doesn't even need an introduction!

Midnight In Monaco

Brooklyn,NY (July 23, 2009) Anatomy of Sole and FemmeRoyale.com have teamed up together to present "Midnight in Monaco." This unprecedented fashion show surely an event to remember will be held at 7:00pm, September 24th, 2009 at the MTV Building, 1515 Broadway (The 1 Astor Plaza), between 44th and 45th Streets."Midnight in Monaco" will showcase the talent of 10 amazing indie designers, celebrating their love of fashion, art, and unique yet creative design aesthetic.,it will also serve as an upscale networking and party enviorment.

In addition to being a unique opportunity for talented young designers to showcase their work, the event is designed to create awareness and raise some money for the S.L.E Lupus Foundation of New York City. Despite its prevalence Lupus remains one of the most misunderstood diseases in both medical and lay communities. In the past 20 years over 1.5 million cases of Lupus have been diagnosed.

Anatomy of Sole and FemmeRoyale.com combined are a group of enthusiasts who are committed to excelling and expanding on all levels and educating others in every area from the arts, entertainment with in our communities and beyond.

Major Lazer - Hold the line ft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold

Truly seen this video on MTV...me and ginger were shocked...I love the song...and the video is quite interesting.

Now who the fuck invented the condom??????

I've always been curious about this so I finally did research...Who ever this person is...is a fucking genius and I will like to thank her/him for my disease free life ;D I still haven't gotten the answer to my question but the history of the condom is pretty damn interesting...Read on.


The first published use of the world 'condum' was in a 1706 poem.6 It has also been suggested that Condom was a doctor in the time of Charles II. It is believed that he invented the device to help the king to prevent the birth of more illegitimate children.7

Even the most famous lover of all, Casanova, was using the condom as a birth control as well as against infection.8

Condoms made out of animal intestines began to be available. However, they were quite expensive and the unfortunate result was that they were often reused. This type of condom was described at the time as "an armour against pleasure, and a cobweb against infection".

In the second half of the 1700's, a trade in handmade condoms thrived in London and some shops where producing handbills and advertisements of condoms.


The use of condoms was affected by technological, economic and social development in Europe and the US in the 1800s.

Condom manufacturing was revolutionised by the discovery of rubber vulcanisation by Goodyear (founder of the tyre company) and Hancock. This meant that is was possible to mass produce rubber goods including condoms quickly and cheaply. Vulcanisation is a process, which turns the rubber into a strong elastic material.10

In 1861,the first advertisement for condoms was published in an American newspaper when The New York Times printed an ad. for 'Dr. Power's French Preventatives.'

In 1873, the Comstock Law was passed. Named after Anthony Comstock, the Comstock Law made illegal the advertising of any sort of birth control, and it also allowed the postal service to confiscate condoms sold through the mail.


Until the 1920s, most condoms were manufactured by hand-dipping from rubber cement. These kinds of condoms aged quickly and the quality was doubtful.

In 1919, Frederick Killian initiated hand-dipping from natural rubber latex in Ohio. The latex condoms had the advantage of ageing less quickly and being thinner and odourless. These new type of condoms enjoyed a great expansion of sales. By the mid-1930s, the fifteen largest makers in the U.S. were producing 1.5 million condoms a day.11

In 1957, the very first lubricated condom was launched in the UK by Durex.

From the early 1960s, the use of condoms as a contraceptive device declined as the pill, the coil and sterilisation became more popular.

The use of the condom increased strikingly in many countries following the recognition of HIV and AIDS in the 1980's. Condoms also became available in pubs, bars, grocery stores and supermarkets.

The female condom has been available in Europe since 1992 and it was approved in 1993 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Find out more information about female condoms.

In 1994, the world's first polyurethane condom for men was launched in the US.

The 1990s also saw the introduction of coloured and flavoured condoms.

Trigga Songz Mmmz...

I know...I'm a stranger. But, you guys still love me, riiiight? ;)

Anyhoo...you know my favorite pantie-wetter's album just dropped! Go pick up Trey Songz lastest project, READY! Let me know your favorite tracks if you already copped it.

Here's his latest video with Drizzy Drake, "Successful".