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When boredom hits...YOU POST!

So Ginger has me watching Almost Famous...I'm not sure if the movie is pulling me..I think Im more pulled in by twitter (at the moment). Well basically from where im catching the movie is about a young boy who wants to be a writer...he was only allowed 4 days to follow a band (told by his mother that was his limit) but winded up staying longer...blah blah blah blah blah maybe im not interested at the moment because im still somewhat high off of the sour diesal I smoked earlier (Ill try back later watching it, Its seems like a movie I should like ;/ just not right now!....I'm thinking about hitting up the Parkway but I'm not sure about that yet.the 40Oz was cool...I was dazed and confused through out the whole thinggg I didn't get to my reserved burger that I asked for but I got a hot dog instead...anywhos below are some of the pictures that were snapped yesterday ;D

^^Happy Birthday Shivs!!^^