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Midnight In Monaco

Brooklyn,NY (July 23, 2009) Anatomy of Sole and FemmeRoyale.com have teamed up together to present "Midnight in Monaco." This unprecedented fashion show surely an event to remember will be held at 7:00pm, September 24th, 2009 at the MTV Building, 1515 Broadway (The 1 Astor Plaza), between 44th and 45th Streets."Midnight in Monaco" will showcase the talent of 10 amazing indie designers, celebrating their love of fashion, art, and unique yet creative design aesthetic.,it will also serve as an upscale networking and party enviorment.

In addition to being a unique opportunity for talented young designers to showcase their work, the event is designed to create awareness and raise some money for the S.L.E Lupus Foundation of New York City. Despite its prevalence Lupus remains one of the most misunderstood diseases in both medical and lay communities. In the past 20 years over 1.5 million cases of Lupus have been diagnosed.

Anatomy of Sole and FemmeRoyale.com combined are a group of enthusiasts who are committed to excelling and expanding on all levels and educating others in every area from the arts, entertainment with in our communities and beyond.

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