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Welcome to the Penthouse Chronicles!!

I'm positively sure that many of you will agree/relate to this video. If not, leave a comment so I can be sure to give you the side eye when I see you. :)

Penthouse Chronicles is a video series done by Mizz Urkle and this post features her friend and co-host, Sammy. They address real shit that we all see or live on a daily basis.

I first saw this post and it screamed out to me. I have had NUMEROUS conversations about these topics so THANK YA THANK YA THANK YA, ladies! :)

Show these ladies some love...watch and subscribe to their videos.

PS...can someone tell Mizz Urkle that she and I were born to be friends? I hear she loves Trey Songz like I do anddddd that both of us have an aura of pure fucking AWESOME! Thanks!

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