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Being bored can kill you

So it's 1:40 am, and I'm highly regretting the fact that I didn't go out tonight. I'm sitting here ready to pull my fucking hair out, very restless, listening to Carlos Santana. And my face is lookin really really pissed off now, cause there's no one to talk to on aim, and no one to text. HMPH!!!!! Anywho so i googled "Things to do when you're bored". and i got this website, which would've been helpful if it was daytime, and no one was sleeping in my room. Figured I'd occupy some invaluable time and post it for anyone else who might find themselves in my predicament. Enjoy =/


Jay-Z's Rhapsody Commerical...I love it

I think this shit is brilliant.

Throwback Movie

So I think to add on to my "song of the day" post, I'm gonna have a throwback movie of the week, day, whatever. The first movie I chose was "Tuck Everlasting". One of those random movies you decide to watch and instantly get caught up in. The movie is about a family that once drank from a fountain that lets you live forever without aging. One of the sons falls inlove with a girl yada yada yada, the family is on the run, now I know Colonial movies can seem like a bore, but I liked it. I think it's best that I keep my day job and not be a movie critic.... whatever, here's a preview...


::Cue the Titanic theme song:: If you ride the subway for sure you've seen these adds plastered on the walls. I have yet to go and check this exhibit out, I plan on it soon. It should make a nice trip this upcoming fall.
Titanic Pictures, Images and Photos


Affordable shoes for the FALL!!!

School is BACK and time to go back with STYLE . You don't have to spend a lot...

Song of the day 08/30/09

Roll Up! Roll up for the mystery tour!

Today's song, well all I can do is shake my head, literally. The song is from a band called The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, and the song is called "Deathcab For Cutie". The performance of course is from The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" film shown on television in 1967. John and George are the two men sitting in front in the beginning.

"They're Dead Grotty"

It's 5:42 in the a.m. and I'm on youtube watching clips from my favorite movies.... This one is from "A Hard Day's Night". If you haven't seen it, and you like British humor, I suggest it. I love the dialogue in this whole scene, shit is too funny and sarcastic. George (beatle) is mistaken for a model the agency was suppose to interview, the whole thing goes wrong.

YO HABLO PUM PUM (No Hablo Ingles + Electric Punanny)

Thursday Sept 3rd -- Roxy Cottontail, No Hablo Ingles + Electric Punanny Present... YO HABLO PUM PUM Tropical Vs. Tropical Edition SANTOS PARTY HOUSE FREE Before Midnight $5 w/ RSVP Yohablopumpum@oxycottontail.com $10 w/out RSVP

Adult Curfew For Paterson New Jersey?

I be fucking damn if they put a Curfew in NY...I'll leave the state smh 12AM-7AM ridiculouss I'm out shaking my ass between these times!...if theres going to be violence its going to happen no matter what the time is. How would you feel if there was a curfew where you lived?

DJ AM Found dead...

This is sad story as we know DJ AM was in a plane crash along with Blink 182's Drummer Travis barker back in sep' 08 they both survived but unfortunately DJ AM did not cheat death for the second time... Taking pills arent the way to go folks!

Below is the article that I recovered from the TMZ website.

Cops tell us DJ AM -- also known as Adam Goldstein -- was found dead this afternoon in New York City.

Law enforcement sources tell us he was found in his apartment at around 5:20 PM. We're told drug paraphernalia was found at the scene.

We're told DJ AM had not been seen or heard from for a few days. We're told one of his friends went to check on him, but got no response after knocking on his apartment door.

We're told the friend called the police, who broke down the door and then found DJ AM's body.

Read more :


Lmao I swear I find myself Blogging almost all of junglepussys fucking videos she is fucking hilarious....I see you Qiana!!! lol

VALUES.COM ( The Maggie Horn mixtape)


the debut DJ mixtape

download it FREE
with artwork and track listing


SUNDAY, August 30th

Good Peoples, Post Bikes & Front St. present...


music by: DJ Schoolboy

Sales on old merchandise!
10 -15 % off pre-orders!

*** FREE labor on any part or bike bought at to the shop ***

3pm - 9pm


$7 for BBQ

Post Bike Shop
172 North 1st btwn Driggs and Bedford
Williamsburg, BK


I Did a post in the past about this wonderful lubericant that I discovered when I was about 18 years old. Me and Gabby a.k.a Poppa Purp were outside of sway and decided to talk about What astroglide means to us and what it has done for our sex lifes!

Mini Tutorial ("Feels like Raw sex")

Me Talking about my bad Experience with KY jelly...lol

Do The Skyler Thing

Come out and show love (August 28)

(Click Flyer to Enlarge)

The NEW POP: Day with Kid cudi /URB Cover Shoot

Cudi being interviewed by the very spunky Contessa about his past jobs and what he was doing before he became what he is today.


Ryan Jenkins...

Homeboy who was accused of murdering his Wife Jasmine fiore apparently was found dead in a hotel in canada they said he took his own life .Jasmine was found in a suitcase with teeth and fingers missing...This indeed was a brutal murder smh and it was said she was only indentified by the serial Number in her breast inplants.I'm wondering wtf would push someone to do something so damn cruel to another human being???

40oz Bounce IV! Goodbye Summer 09´

Sept 6th

(Click Flyer to Enlarge)

Dwele - I'm Cheatin'

This beat is so damn relaxing and the video is dope the concept was brillant..Dwele never lets me down when it comes to his music.

Pussy Galoreee Gets interviewed by 21-7Magazine

Yea I'm siked so fucking what! loll Click the link and Explore the site theres some pretty cool stuff in this issue.
(Interview located in the Communication section)Did I mention I write for them?? ;D



I love thiss cover lol its so wacky!...Download the Album show some motherfucking love suckasss!!!


Click here to download the EP!


Why old people shouldn't drive...

I'm just saying I'm not gonna lie and say I feel comfy when I'm on the road and I see an elderly person next to me driving with bifocals and a oxygen mask. Am I wrong? here is a video of an old person parking...if this is difficult imagine them trying to stay in one lane? I'm just saying...I think its a hazard to us and themselves.

Am I wrong for being upset?

I get that baby dolls are ways to help little girls use their imagination and pretend to be mommies. But, I'm extremely bothered that this doll was created. A breast feeding doll for children without breasts?!? I feel this will lead to young females becoming aware of their body earlier. And, though some may see nothing wrong with that (I think I asked about vaginas at the age of 4 and learned about babies coming out of them at 5), I feel that this is aiding the fact that children are growing up quicker as time passes. I don't believe in hiding things from a child, the whole "If they don't see it, it doesn't exist to them" mentality is outdated. But, can we WAIT until our kids become curious about these things on their own and question us about them?

I loved my Barbies. I played with them for more years than I probably should have. But, I asked why her body didn't look like anyone I've ever seen. I feel Barbies tie into the whole category of the editorial models. I knew for damn sure I didn't see any men walking down my block that looked like my brothers' G.I. Joes!

When I have a daughter, I want her to be a little girl with no thoughts about boobs or her pussygaloreee. I want children to remain children! There's so much time to be an adult.

How do you guys feel?

Where is Haitian V?

lol peep my fuckbwoy freddy aka daddy shane aka the junzy king in the beginning!

Quote On!!!

"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect, and I don't live to be, But before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean."
-Bob Marley

R.I.P John Hughes

John Hughes Pictures, Images and Photos
I think it's safe to say as a female me along with the rest of Pussy Galore religiously watched his movies. Pretty In Pink, Home Alone, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and many many more. Most of the people my age probably won't know him by name, but you'll appreciate him once you've realized how much you loved the movies he's made in his years.

A clip from one of my favorite 80's movies, "Some Kind Of Wonderful"

What Makes You Happy?

Amidst all the tragic events and somber headlines, PussyGaloreee was looking to discover people's silver linings. I must say that I'm glad that people still have reasons to smile.

SPECIAL SPECIAL Thanks to everyone in the Video: Elle, Texas, Shivs, Mike, Dae, Goosey, Roger, Shandalise, Tommy, Taz, Chris, and Damion.

From The Rock to The Stores!

So, my luvliiz have done it AGAIN! Another big step in the life of The Rockstar Society. Their clothing line is now being sold in Fresh Kicks, a shop in New Jersey. Mucho mucho Love and I'm crazy proud of you guys!

Fresh Kickz
251 Main Ave
Passaic Park NJ, 07055

Check them out further:

Song of the day 08/03/09

Everyone knows Limp Bizkit kinda fell off once Wes Borland left the group. This song was from their album "Significant Other" in 1999, their best in my opinion....

Coming soon....


Lately we've been a little slow, and yes I am going to admit we are getting a little lazy, and procrastinating on everything. There's tons a good, mind blowing, fun, exciting ideas floating in our little heads just waiting to burst out.... we just haven't got started. Sad I know, but soon enough we'll be up and running with projects up the ying yang. Sorry for the stand by state we're in.

In a Talib Kweli mood

Here are some of the songs that I was feening to listen to today Between him and Mos I love them so! ;D ENJOY