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What Makes You Happy?

Amidst all the tragic events and somber headlines, PussyGaloreee was looking to discover people's silver linings. I must say that I'm glad that people still have reasons to smile.

SPECIAL SPECIAL Thanks to everyone in the Video: Elle, Texas, Shivs, Mike, Dae, Goosey, Roger, Shandalise, Tommy, Taz, Chris, and Damion.


Niki I. said...

This definitely did put a smile on my face... What makes me happy? I can't think of anything better to say than freedom.

Immature Gentleman said...

yo i made my firts issue of designs that i made, so go comment it because i need your opinion to make stuff official, and im sorry if you cant see it well, also im not really a good drawer so i did my best


ELLE said...

aw so sweet i love it

Loniii Ann said...

this was good shit
like the idea
those answers were real
im rdy for project 2