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Am I wrong for being upset?

I get that baby dolls are ways to help little girls use their imagination and pretend to be mommies. But, I'm extremely bothered that this doll was created. A breast feeding doll for children without breasts?!? I feel this will lead to young females becoming aware of their body earlier. And, though some may see nothing wrong with that (I think I asked about vaginas at the age of 4 and learned about babies coming out of them at 5), I feel that this is aiding the fact that children are growing up quicker as time passes. I don't believe in hiding things from a child, the whole "If they don't see it, it doesn't exist to them" mentality is outdated. But, can we WAIT until our kids become curious about these things on their own and question us about them?

I loved my Barbies. I played with them for more years than I probably should have. But, I asked why her body didn't look like anyone I've ever seen. I feel Barbies tie into the whole category of the editorial models. I knew for damn sure I didn't see any men walking down my block that looked like my brothers' G.I. Joes!

When I have a daughter, I want her to be a little girl with no thoughts about boobs or her pussygaloreee. I want children to remain children! There's so much time to be an adult.

How do you guys feel?


NIC-KIA said...

i agree with you!
like wtf a babydoll the breast feeds?!
thats S I C K !!

Anonymous said...

thats tru b'way,i wanna know about your pussygaloreee tho :-)