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No words at all

So the girls left it to me to leave a blog entry about Michael Jackson. They felt it was only right. I fucking love this man, and typing this right now I still can't believe that he past away. I been watching television coverage on this since Thursday, and it's unbelievable how many people loved him, worshipped him, cried over him, etc. As true fans, we all look past the newspaper headlines, bizarre pictures, and court cases. None of that can shadow all that he has done with his music, movies, and charities. There will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER be another entertainer like him, he was one of a kind, and he will be truly missed by me and the whole world.

I have a new found love for this song, and video..... please watch if you haven't seen, or heard it.

The Mystery of Rainbows

Ginger and I looked out her window and seen this huge ass fuking rainbow. As a child I never understood how the fuck this fascinating thing came about after a sunshower. So I did some research and this came about...


"Three things must happen for you to see a rainbow's colors. First, the sun must be shining. Second, the sun must be behind you, and third, there must be water drops in the air in front of you. Sunlight shines into the water drops, which act as tiny prisms that bend or "refract" the light and separate it into colors.

Actually, the rays of light bend twice. As they enter the drops, the rays of light bend, then reflect off the back of the drops. Then they bend again, this time while exiting the drops. That's when the light appears before our eyes.

Each drop reflects only one color of light, so there must be many water drops to make a full rainbow. You'll see the brightest rainbows when the water drops are large, usually right after a rain shower.

The rainbow is circular because when a raindrop bends light, the light exits the raindrop at an angle 40 to 42 degrees away from the angle it entered the raindrop.

The violets and blues bend at a 40-degree angle, and the oranges and reds bend at a 42-degree angle. As a result, the only beams of light you see are from raindrops that are 40 to 42 degrees away from the shadow of your head. This gives the rainbow its curved appearance."

Nuyorican Poets Cafe Tonight


Jungle Gym Magazine


The magazine is called Jungle Gym (JungleGymMagazine.com).Ran by my homiess Alonzo, Logan, and Jean. Its based on the culture of new york and people with solid talent. From music to art to photography to sports (skating,biking,etc) to even politics. Its being built and will probably launch in august.

Stay tuned we will be having more info on the magazine when it launches!!


Lol I grew up on this cartoon shit use to keep me occupied for 30 minutes.


What happens after "ever after"?

Shrek Pictures, Images and Photos
You'll find out soon with Shrek 4. Rumor has it on imdb.com that there's going to be another installment to the Shrek franchise. All the original cast are signed on, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, even Justin Timberlake. Should be in theaters in 2010. Hopefully you heard it here first!

The Pussy Chronicles

"I went to a recording studio with my boyfriend (at the time) to sing on the chorus of one of his tracks and everyone except me and him decided to take a smoke break. So we stayed in the booth and they went into a back room. He starts kissing me then asks me if I wanna fuck, now the booth has no lock on the door, so I'm like hm.. Decided to go thru with it. I'm bent over holdin the door knob so no one would come in, I'm tryin hard not to moan while we fuccin, all of a sudden I hear ppl coming out the room this ninja screams he's cumin, the owner of the studio says "what comin where?" looks into the booths window he has his dick in his hand and points to the door where I'm hurrying to pull my pants up and says "cumin there" thank god I was quick with it shoulda got some head tho lol."

Performing has certainly changed....

Take it from a member of the Rat Pack, the King of Cool Mr. Dean Martin. I love his voice, his style, everything, he's cooler than Frank Sinatra in my eyes. But only by a smidge. I wish people still performed like this now a days, have a few drinks , tell a few jokes and sing. No one's shaking their ass on stage, pouring champagne on girls, or having like 8 other people on stage screaming nonsense. Just watch the video, the mood is sooo chill!

SneakerPimps in NYC



summertime Pictures, Images and Photos

Well today is offically the 1st day of summer and the forecast is saying its Spring kinda depressing but fuck it hopefully next week is better. Here are some Pussy Galoreee pointers for the summer!

Safe sex, Make sure you go to the beach at least 20 times lol. No handcuffing in the clubs (That goes year round but its a ubber NO NO during the summer!). Put lotion on them ashy knee caps. Party hard throw up as much as possible,(have Sex) Smoke as much as you can.Dont forget to get me a drink! Buy me polaroid film at adorama on 18th between 5th and 6th,(Have lots of sex) Don't wear socks to the beach, Wear bug repellant, don't wear shades in the water (Where are my white ones betty!!), Get a good deoderant,Buy a mamita icey (coconut), GO SEE HARRY POTTER!, oh yea...Don't forget your SPF,Go somewhere you've never been; take pictures, Dance Dance Dance!!!, and have sex ;D

Black Rob - Whoa

Lol this song use to get on me and Ginger's nerves back in 2000. There was a guy driving a caravan with his doors wide open repeating this song allll summer long it was horrible. Peep the clothing...Geez how fashion has changed.

Mark Your Calenders

You never too old for a Toy Story movie. This is a preview I stumbled upon. Enjoy!

phuqradio episode 10 interview Jesse Boykins III

phuqradio episode 10 interview Jesse Boykins III from phuqradio on Vimeo.


Pussy chronicles

So me and the girls are getting "Pussy chronicles" mailed to our emails. Meaning any steamy,intriguing,disgusting sex story people have we put them on here depending on how many we get a day/week we'll post daily but if its kinda slow we'll post one every week. If you have a story feel free to email us at:


or shortstuff423@gmail.com
(Don't worry no names are enclosed...completely confidential)

I recieved one email today and this is how it went...

"One time my homeboy hooked me up with his cousin, this girl was bad. Long hair light skin phat phat ass virgin and all.
She loved to suck dick she would suck your dick all night if you wanted and she was really good at it. One day she was just sucking and playing around with my cock constantly this had to be about 2 hrs. I would not cum for some reason so she just kept going on and on till i felt that tingle i was like oh im about to cum.... Turns out i had to pee and i sprayed her face with full pressure it was piss all on her. Man i was upset to do that to her, but that shit was so fucking funny."



I love wale!!! Download ahora!

Wale - Back to the Feature

Amerie - Why R U

Amerie is hot...I love the lyrics...Not a fan of the song I think she could'va sang it differently.

Booze, Blunts, and Big Butts

I don't even have to tell ya'll asses anything. If you're in the area...you're in this party!

Let's celebrate, muhfckaz!

(Click the flyer to enlarge it.)

Beyonce ft Kanye West * Ego rmx

I think I've enjoyed every remix or cover done to this song. Many people hate Beyonce. But, I enjoy good performers and I find her to be one.

Ummm...WRAP YOU UP, Mario!!!

Can any of you tell me if there was a bet made that he lost?

Haitian V Wins The Lotto!!! VERY Funny

Check out Melo-X in the beginning

why this collabortion couldn't happen sooner??!!

Jimmy Choo teams up with H&M, this collection is coming out all the way in NOV this year.. I'm very angry with them for coming out sooo damn late in the year. Summer would be perfect for a collaboration like this!!! The collection will have shoes (which I'm excited for) bags and clothes for men and women. O well I will wait until NOV then

Reach For The Stars

Apparently this chick went to a tattoo parlor to get 3 stars tatted by her left eye, FELL ASLEEP, and woke up with a whole fucking galaxy on her face! My question is how the hell do you fall asleep with someone doing a tattoo on your face, and if it was only 3 stars wtf you goin to sleep for? Live with it sweety, shoulda drank a few redbulls before she went under the needle. I say good for her dumb ass.

Earthworm JIM!

Was I the only one who liked this show? lol


CORTES CREATES merchandise


Cool clothing...Check it out!


This is wonderful

Sweetest Koutour

Sweetest Koutour was founded by Elton "Enzo" Conway with the intent to bring out the artist in everyone. From the words of Enzo himself, S.K is "his little twist on how he views other fashion companies such as Johnny Cupcake,Bape,Kid Robot, BBC Ice Cream,etc". The word Coutoure usually means a form of "High Fashion" but in this case the word Koutour means that it doesnt have to be high fashion to be considered fashion. With just about every color in the world used in their products, Sweetest Koutour will brighten up the world like a rainbow in desguise.

Life is not Sweet without Sweetest Koutour




A.L.I.E.N sample sale Git it!!!!



Top scariest villians

Me and Betty were having a conversation on this one movie that gave us the willies. Now we don't even remember what the movie was about but fuck it, we'll never forget this villian. It was either a tie between Pinhead from Hellraiser (who's trailer I still watch with my eyes half way closed) and Freddy Kreuger, when he pulled the guys veins out of his body and made him a marrionette. Pinhead was simply scary cause- well just look at him! Freddy was scary cause he gets you in your dreams, no one can ever avoid sleeping.

Of course runners up were....
nosferatu Pictures, Images and Photos

Michael Myers
Michael Myers Pictures, Images and Photos

This Asian bitch
grudge Pictures, Images and Photos

leatherface Pictures, Images and Photos

There was also the exorcist girl, & the little Asian boy from the grudge.

Song of the day 6/17/09

No words, only that when I was younger I hated this video, but the song is kick ass.

The Dream - Walking on the moon

I wish I could've found a better video but this is all that was popping up and the others were enabling the Embeds so yea...This video sucks ass The dream looks a hot a mess...But I love the song!! (Always knew it was going to be a hit)

Whole in the wall

Geezz I love the new pop they capture the most wonderful things....Things alot of people can relate to and I dig it.


More videos at

Drag Me To Hell

Ginger : Well ahh..I went in hoping for the best and although possessed voiced scare the Bejesus out of me. I wasn't impressed, some of the special effects were cheesey..Looked really animated. Wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't purchase it on Dvd in the future....THE END!!!
Betty : Well I was disgusted by the movie from jump old lady with the wooping cough and horrible dentures. The movie made me jump of course...any movie that has to do with hell and old people scare the shit out of me...other than that the movie was a piece of shit...I wouldn't watch it again even if someone else was to pay for me and thats really hard for me to say because I never pass up a free...FYI Don't believe the hype the trailer really knows how to trick people.

CASHTRO CROSBY Ft. Theophilous London & JB3 - AQUA MILITIA

New Track Check it out


Cashtro Crosby Ft Theo London &JB3 - AQUA MILITIA

BUSINESS IN THE FRONT!!! PARTY IN THE BACK!!! with a fade on the side

Coming back from the movies after seeing "Drag me to hell" (Review coming soon)Me and Ginger were on the A Train heading back home and we see homeboy here with this screwed up hair cut...I don't know what the fuck was he thinking..but it was pretty funny looking.

Hannah Bussin' a sweet groove

One of my energetic nieces jammin to chris brown...Gotta love the poppin' skills lol

For Your Protection

We held a survey on the blog asking whether our readers preferred protected or unprotected sex. The results were 53% for protected and 47% for unprotected sex. I'm in no way going to judge anyone, that's not how I roll. I'm just going to share some info with all of you to take into consideration the next time you wanna boink someone.

*50% of new infections in the U.S. are among people under the age of 25.
*Each year, over 20,000 people under 25 become HIV+ in the U.S.
*At least one American under the age of 20 becomes infected with HIV every hour of every day
*58% of all adolescent AIDS cases in the U.S. are young women.
*70% of new U.S. adolescent AIDS cases are African-American, and 24% Latino; yet, these groups are only 13% and 15% respectively of U.S. adolescents.

People are having sex on average 127 times per year. Out of 365 days a year this means the average person is having sex 37% of the days of any given year. 45% of people have had a one night stand in the past year. A third of people reported that they have had sex with a person without knowing their partner's sexual history. These people were taking a risk and not inquiring about sexually transmitted diseases.

I encourage every single reader of this post to be concerned with their health. With every thing out there aiming to kill us, don't be the reason you're not here anymore. Protect yourself and those you love.

Works Cited:

Back to the Banks 09'


I had alot of funn!!! I'm mad the rest of the Pussy Galoreee gang couldn't join me but I had enough fun for the both of them. Even though I got hit in the head with a skateboard Deck and my niece banged the shit out of her shin, got into a 3 against 1 mini scuffle for a deck we all had a good time...I even got a picture/Autography of my boo Danny Supra...ah mann I love him! ;D

Below are some pics/Videos that me and nieces Took/recorded...Enjoy ;D


My babyyyyy!! hehe




Twitter Dat

As many of you know, Twitter has become quite the addiction globally. There have been a few "anthems" but I'm bringing you the newest and hottest.

I'm the assistant/supporter of a DJ from Queens...Mr. You Realize Who I Am?!?....the KING of HAAAA!...DJ G$MONEY! He definitely surprised me by putting his vocals to a track! Check you out, ChumpFACE!!!!


You can check him out further:


Life Camp Inc/I Love My Life: www.lifecampinc.com

His Myspace: myspace.com/djgmoneyofficialpage

On YouTube: youtube.com/djgmoneycostar

And, of courseeeeee....watch him "Twitter Dat" at twitter.com/DJGMONEY

SA- RA (Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love)

I dig these dudes I remember when Freddy put me on to "Nasty - U"..Song will have you wanting to dance around your crib in just a bra and panties! They have a new album dropping June 23. I checked out their myspace and they have some of the tracks that are going to be featured on the album...



Nineteen Eighty Five (Graphic novel by Madvillain “All Caps” artist James Reitano)

I love this concept shit is Ubber cool (Yes I said ubber fuck off! lol j/k)


Nineteen Eighty Five

$9.95. Graphic novel & mix CD. 32p, black & white, 9x7 inches. Each comes with full-lenth 1985 mix CD by Chris Cut, and Nineteen Eighty Five sticker.

Set in a small California beach town, Nineteen Eighty Five follows a teenage graffiti artist battling with rival crews, local law enforcement, and theme park cops. These stories document a small burgeoning street art scene set in the mid-1980s.

James Retiano is the illustrator and director of videos for Madvillain's "All Caps", DANGERDOOM's "ATHF", and Quasimoto's "Bullyshit". He was raised in Santa Cruz immersed in the hip-hop and punk scene, and now runs design/animation shop TFU Studios.

Nineteen Eighty Five (Graphic Novel & Mix CD)
James Reitano

Song of the day 6/2/09

This one's a oldie and Betty's song... It's The Zombies with "Tell her no", released in 1964. Made it to #46 in the Uk charts, and #4 in the U.S. charts. Guess that goes to show we have good taste in music. They're kind of similar to The Beatles (physically! Not musically). But anyhow, it's a good song, very mellow, and smooth. don't mind the singers face in the beginning, don't know what that expression's about.


I'm so proud of nikki she's a sweetheart and really inspiring

Below is her new album I love it and I'm sure you will to!


Nikki NTU-A History Of Dreams EP