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Nineteen Eighty Five (Graphic novel by Madvillain “All Caps” artist James Reitano)

I love this concept shit is Ubber cool (Yes I said ubber fuck off! lol j/k)


Nineteen Eighty Five

$9.95. Graphic novel & mix CD. 32p, black & white, 9x7 inches. Each comes with full-lenth 1985 mix CD by Chris Cut, and Nineteen Eighty Five sticker.

Set in a small California beach town, Nineteen Eighty Five follows a teenage graffiti artist battling with rival crews, local law enforcement, and theme park cops. These stories document a small burgeoning street art scene set in the mid-1980s.

James Retiano is the illustrator and director of videos for Madvillain's "All Caps", DANGERDOOM's "ATHF", and Quasimoto's "Bullyshit". He was raised in Santa Cruz immersed in the hip-hop and punk scene, and now runs design/animation shop TFU Studios.

Nineteen Eighty Five (Graphic Novel & Mix CD)
James Reitano

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