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Well today is offically the 1st day of summer and the forecast is saying its Spring kinda depressing but fuck it hopefully next week is better. Here are some Pussy Galoreee pointers for the summer!

Safe sex, Make sure you go to the beach at least 20 times lol. No handcuffing in the clubs (That goes year round but its a ubber NO NO during the summer!). Put lotion on them ashy knee caps. Party hard throw up as much as possible,(have Sex) Smoke as much as you can.Dont forget to get me a drink! Buy me polaroid film at adorama on 18th between 5th and 6th,(Have lots of sex) Don't wear socks to the beach, Wear bug repellant, don't wear shades in the water (Where are my white ones betty!!), Get a good deoderant,Buy a mamita icey (coconut), GO SEE HARRY POTTER!, oh yea...Don't forget your SPF,Go somewhere you've never been; take pictures, Dance Dance Dance!!!, and have sex ;D

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ENO ONE.... said...

I could br wrong, but somehing tells me you like sex ;0) lol