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Top scariest villians

Me and Betty were having a conversation on this one movie that gave us the willies. Now we don't even remember what the movie was about but fuck it, we'll never forget this villian. It was either a tie between Pinhead from Hellraiser (who's trailer I still watch with my eyes half way closed) and Freddy Kreuger, when he pulled the guys veins out of his body and made him a marrionette. Pinhead was simply scary cause- well just look at him! Freddy was scary cause he gets you in your dreams, no one can ever avoid sleeping.

Of course runners up were....
nosferatu Pictures, Images and Photos

Michael Myers
Michael Myers Pictures, Images and Photos

This Asian bitch
grudge Pictures, Images and Photos

leatherface Pictures, Images and Photos

There was also the exorcist girl, & the little Asian boy from the grudge.

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Anonymous said...

PINHEAD,, always,, pinhead.. cool and scary. -CortesNyc