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Reach For The Stars

Apparently this chick went to a tattoo parlor to get 3 stars tatted by her left eye, FELL ASLEEP, and woke up with a whole fucking galaxy on her face! My question is how the hell do you fall asleep with someone doing a tattoo on your face, and if it was only 3 stars wtf you goin to sleep for? Live with it sweety, shoulda drank a few redbulls before she went under the needle. I say good for her dumb ass.


ENO ONE.... said...

LM'MUHFUCKIN'AO 56 joints... I agree tho, How long does it take to get 3 stars, she should have stayed up... LMAO.

O_O said...

WOW. 56 how the freak u mix that up with 3?

and fall asleep, didn't know they allowed that