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When 1 is enough.....

One thing I hate the most is a cheesy movie franchise..... There re good ones out there don't get me wrong. But not everyone can get through it with their dignity and pride intact. Star Wars, Nightmare On Elm Street, Indiana Jones, soon to be Transformers and Harry Potter. Even the first few Friday the 13th's, and the first 2 Halloweens! But why on earth would you milk a movie so much, that by the time the 3rd one comes along it's fucking dusty!? Remakes are ok I guess, just as long as it's done with decency, and respect for the original. These are a few of my pick that should've been left alone..... Stop sucking on the teet!
And that goes for cartoons too! Aladdin and The Prince of Thieves? Come on. Part 2 and 3 of the Little Mermaid, Pocahantas had a 2nd part too. We all know she really died when she got to Britain.

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