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Ridiculous infomercials....

I love infomercials, and I believe almost all of them up until there finished, and I picture myself using them. That's when I come to grips with reality; Most of them don't work. They're fun to watch, and even more fun when they actually work! But anyway here's some of the one's I like.......

The EZ cracker! Who says we have to crack or even scramble eggs ourselves!? Leave it to the EZ Cracker!

The Perfect Brownie: This is just convenient, and I actually wanna get this. Although my brownies never come out likethey do in the beginning of this infomercial.

This next one is everyone's favorite! I have somewhere in my house, and I can't find it to use it.... once I do find it, i will update you guys!

BEST FOR LAST!!!!! LMFAO @ 55 seconds. This fool!

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