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I watched Bonnie and Clyde for the first time today thanks to TCM.
I told Betty about it, and all she had to say was "You and your older men!".
All I could talk about was how good Warren Beatty looked in the movie.
Don't get me wrong just cause there's a good looking dude on the
screen doesn't mean I'm not gonna pay attention to the film. I LOVED it!
And I'm actually gonna buy it on dvd when I get a chance. Now of course
the movie wasn't all relevant to the true story. As always with Hollywood.
Through their time together they actually spent time in prison sporadically,
and once released they'd meet up and go back to their life of crime, the
movie also left out but somewhat hinted that Clyde was probably bisexual,
but this seemed logical, seeing as how homosexuality was a big deal back
in the day. There's a scene where he "almost" has sex with Bonnie, but
something happens. Watch the movie and you'll see. They had a lot more
dirt under their fingernails then the movie showed. They killed way more
people in real life, lived more dangerously, no glitz, no glam. Also the way
they met was all wrong, from what I read they were introduced by a mutual
friend. This leaves me to wonder had Hollywood stood true to the complete
true, would the movie be just as entertaining? More gruesome thats for
damn sure. Nevertheless it was very entertaining to me. I don't want to get
all into it, I'd type up an essay. So instead, I'll leave the link that tells all about
their lives.

Bonnie & Clyde

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