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Now I'd take any one of these guys, Although I'd prefer Brad Pitt. But I would always wonder what is Benicio Del Toro all about. Like he's so damn mysterious to me. I've been saying this for quite some time now, Benicio looks like Brad's evil twin. You be the judge. I know what I see, and something's going on here! I can smell it! And it smells HOT!

Evil Twin

Good Twin


Sleepy said...

I been sayin he look like brad pitt since "Hunted", suprised someone else noticed, but yea, I can see the evil twin thing, he looks "dark"

Anonymous said...

hey its been a while since ive been on your blog, i just had to come see how everything was:), im back to blogging so check it out once and a while, i love what you've donw to the blog, its dope:)