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Why do we masturbate?

....I masturbate because it feels good, and I know noone can please me the way that I do. Self love is the best love. Not mention you don't have to aim to satisfy anyone else but yourself at the moment. You can make the ugliest faces if you please. You can do it as many times as you want to without being called a Nympho. Don't have worry about getting pregnant, or catching std's. I love my pussy to death so imma make sure she's happy/ healthy. Let's keep self loving alive and if you were the type to get made fun of in school for admitting you fuck yourself. It's ok the person that made fun of you. Is probably on their second basterd child or has a very severe case of herpes ;D

I've asked a couple of my buds do they masturbate and the reason why they do so....and I swear the answers are great.

"Yes I masturbate, I find it to be very self-relaxinf in OH so many ways. I'd be first to say it puts me right to sleep. Why spend money taking sleeping pills when you can just get pleasure and fall asleep by simply masturbatingm The feeling never fails me. I canbe having a day off and 15-25 minutes of me masturbating will make things seem better. One to two times a day seems just right. There is nothing bad about masturbating besides the "Cleanup" which you can always prepare yourself for prior to, for example papertowel, napkin etc. Lotion smoothes the process. Masturbating is very natural and you can increase forearm strength. Masturbating can also enhance stamina." - Adam

"Yes literally everyday, don't exactly know why, I just get horny. But it makes me less bitchy and less tense, Sometimes it my method to sleep just rub one out and the ZzZzZzZ's come immediately. I get fucked on the weekends but the weekdays I'm busy with work or school, My hand just creeps up on me" - Anonymous (Female)

"I have a vibrator I never use the end" -Kay

"Why would I tell you lmaooo" - Niqua

"Cuz I need to nut" - PattyDope

"Every dude masturbates and if they say no they're lying! When ya can't get cooch that's what you do, Or when ya girlfriend is on her period what else is there to do except cheat?" - Dae

"Yes I do...Brazilian porn only. Got busted by my mom in the bathroom when I was 9...Uncool...." _Mills

"Why? Because no one's gonna love u like u can. That's why! Hahahahahaha" - CocoaBella

"I masturbate because I'm horny and only I can hit that exact spot." -Anonymous (Female)

"Hell yes I do! Lol everyday. I do it because I think about sex every 2.5 seconds and I'm always horny and instead of sexing everyone, I have solo sex. Its safe and healthy :)" -Keykey

"Cuz relly don't love me" (lol)

"LOL I rarely masturbate and when I do...I use a vibrator." Anonymous (female)

"Girlllllll I get it done for me! Haha" - E-money

"When I'm horny and dont feel like driving n listen to a female talk about dumb shit before we fuck" - Q

"Yes I do. I do it simply to bust that nut when I cant find a lady to handle that for me. Sometimes walking around hard just gets annoying, so I let off a few kids and back to my day." - Anonymous (Male)

"Because it feels good as hell and you can't catch a disease from it and also, u don't gotta pleasure no one else but yourself and u can bust one hell of a nut because you know how your body works."-Michael Bendherass

" If I'm REALLY REALLY horny...And its my last choice......LMFAO." Mila

"Of course because I'm horny like everyone else." - Anonymous (Male)

"Yes I masturbate because my boyfriend likes to watch." -Isis

"Yes.Prior to my 2 year sex hiatus it was to get the job done. Or if I had a little time to myself. But since the hiatus it keeps me sane.....lololol. I self please so I don't give in & give up the punny to a fella who doesn't deserve it." - Anonymous (Female obviously)

"Two things I love is masturbating and eating pussy I also love how I tug and pull my cock and beat it around, I'm in control No one can make it feel a certain way you know." - Anonymous (Male)

"I masturbate to the point of no return then return so I can last forever in the pussy."-Goods

"I don't masturbate but I let her do it for me. Does that still count? Haha" - Pandareemy

"I typically get the urge to masturbate when I think about past sexual experiences, I usually think about who were the best and also my most current or sometimes I imagine someone who I plan on or want to have sex with" - Sex

"I masturbate because its healthy" - Dylan

"Most of the time its to go to sleep" - Mookie

"I masturbate because it helps me sleep and function and release tension somewhat like a massage but from a personal aspect. Even when I have sex I still masturbate it soothes me and it's hard not to especially when I've been doing it since I knew where n how I liked to be stimulated now that's all peace. Luve.N cum" - Kalamity Jane

Well as we see most of us use masturbation to help us go to sleep faster all that energy we use just poops us out and can't really do much afterwards.

Peace, Love, and lets bust Mo' Nutts!!!
xoxoxoxo Betty.


Drew Mania said...

well I tell you this... everybody should do it.... cause if you can't please yourself how can you even think for one second someone else can...

Juskish said...

I <3 this post. I hate the fact that women especially act like they don't do it. UGH!

Elle said...

love this. why didnt i get asked betty! this shows that evry1 does it and its okay. you gotta love yourself.

Backyard betty said...

Sorrry my lovee!! i was broadcasting it on twitter &bbm's forgot to send text i was thinking about making this a video too like a video spin off with random ppl so if you want to be the 1st person to be featured in the video that would be great!