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Bring it back!

Well when I got cable for the first time, i was a pre-teen, so I was always into those cheesy tv shows and movies they used to give on the disney channel. And I realize they barely show disney tv movies anymore. I remember it was at least one Saturday a month they used to premiere a new movie. They don't even show movie surfers anymore..... Remember when Christina Milian was a movie surfer? If you don't then maybe ou were just too young and missed out on a lot of good tv, cause the shit they showing now is crap. But anywho see if you remember any of these movies..... Stepsister From Planet Weird, Johnny Tsunami, Halloweentown, Susie Q, Rip Girls, Gotta Kick It Up, Motorcrossed,Tru Confessions, Quints, Cadet Kelly, Get A Clue, Luck of The Irish, and these of course!


Drew Mania said...

I deadass seen every one of those movies... oh shit disney channel was the shit when it came to those movies... damn good times...

Crumz said...

I used to love Brink! Haha! I had such a crush on the main dude. Aww, thanks for the memories!