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RSNY * The Remixes

The third mixtape from artists Yung Juggz, G Swagger, Rockstar Remix, Fly Guy Nycks, Beniton Da Menace, Drugzzz B, and Casino, all hailing from Far Rockaway is hosted by DJ Jasmine Solano. This mixtape features their popular hit, "Addicted to Weed", a personal favorite of mine, "Shorty Bad" and covers of some of your favorite tracks out now.

Not to get all sappy on ya'll muhfckaz, but I am so proud of the hard work these guys have put into their projects. Before "Powerbomb That Ho", these fellas were dancing machines and party promoting phenoms. I'm happy to have watched them on their path from the Rock to the Top.

Download the mixtape so the next time you hear one of the tracks in the club, you can sing along.

Click here to get your copy NOW!

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