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ADOPTION: Do you think adoption has an effect on someones life?


Me and my Adoptive Mom

Me personally I believe so...I asked my fellow blog mate Ginger and she said it does but then again everyone takes things differently. Me being adopted I see that I need attention not that I crave it but when I feel like I'm being ignored in anyway I automatically crawl into a shell. I wouldn't know why exactly I feel this way but I just do....Maybe because I feel that my Bio-logical parents abandonded me so will everyone else.

But it was for the best Sharon was a crackhead and James was a drug dealer/ Convicted cop killer. I guess thats why I'm so " Bugged Out" as Ginger would say lol. But besides all that I'm really grateful that my adopted mother (Judy)saved my life lord knows where I would've winded up. Everyone asks me why I never look for my bio-logical parents..But I think if they wanted to see me they would contact me I lived at the same location my whole damn life.

Sharon use to be around only when my grandma was alive and kept shit together. Isn't it sad when that one person that kept everyone together passes away?

She was around for birthdays until I was 3 yrs old and then after grandma died I didn't see her until I was 7 and that would be the last.

I seen James before he got deported I was around 6yrs old kinda sucks because I remember going to see a man but I just can't remember his face....and a year later I went to albany to see sharon I can honestly say that I remember that trip to a T .The visit was not welcoming at all. I was really excited to see my younger sister shadae , she was the only one that showed love. I haven't seen them since its been 15years....


O_O said...

I really appreciate this blog because I know exactly how ya feel I was adopted too. Hit me up if you want to talk.

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lexxie said...

Thank you for sharing your story!