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a big smh to love child assumptions

If you haven't heard yet, Michael Jackson supposedly admitted to having a one night stand in 1984 with a woman by the name of Pia. The result a baby boy named Omer Bhatti. He was sitting in the front row of MJ's memorial looking very much like a Jackson with shades on. He met his "love child" in 1996, and later started living at the Neverland Ranch, with his parents who became a Nanny, and his father a chauffeur. Now Omer is getting a DNA to verify if MJ is indeed his biological father. Heee Heeeeee!
Omer & MJ

A MJ's memorial

Omer Bhatti

2nd speculation ::sighs:: Evan Ross.... Nothing legit, just something I found on google. This woulda been some kind of a scandel though, I have to admit.



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Of course this is Evan's real father

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NIC-KIA said...

thanxx 4 all the pixx!
i saw it on tv but no blog has yet to post close ups like u guys!

Ummm call me a weirdo but he looked good at the funeral...but then again, ANYBODY can look good N shades!

Love the Blog!