A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

Little men with BIG ego's hehe

Well us Females know that one dude who claims they are going to twist you like a pretzel have you scream obscenities blah blah. But when it all came down to it and homeboy drop them draws you were just left with a smirk on your face..Not even a smirk of excitement a smirk of "I knoww this motherfucker did nott!!"..Some shit that straight makes you want to run out the fucking room and text everyone in your phone about the bullshit you just witnessed. My advice to the Little men out there with the Hugeeee egos please save yourself the humiliation and us the trouble and don't lie on your little wiener.


Yes...Were laughing at you.

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Broadway J. Baker said...

"His Penis is so SMALL. If it were an iPod, it'd be a SHUFFLE!"

fckYOcouch bc I damn sure won't be fckin ya vienna sausage, suckaaaaaa!!!

Put that shit in a diaper! Preschool Penis!