A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

The movie: The Haunting in Connecticut.

Betty: Well 1st of all I'm always scared so of course this shit scared me. Made lil jump a little lol..the concept was pretty good. I have mixed feelings about it like it was good but at the same time it was missing something..More suspense, more of the story behind the people in the house..Basically the movie lacked detail. But I guess if someone else was willing to pay for me to see it again I would lol.

Ginger:One thing i hated was the girl sitting next to me talking on the phone, telling her mother she was at the movies. I'm kind of iffy about the whole thing. I expected more gore, more jumping. I jumped once, every other time it was from Rell jumping. There was a good concept here, but i thought my eyes would've been covered most of the movie. I sat with my hand on my chin the entire time. If i had to watch it again, i dont think i'd put up a fight. Maybe i'd get it when it comes out on dvd on sale for like 10 bucks. Would i recommend it? Depends.... on what? I dont know.

Broadway: Ummm....plot was sort of wishy washy...couldn't relate to the characters well. 2 out of 5 cuz I laughed and got scared.

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