A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

Dudes + Images = wtf?

You know he isn't single but he still has that single perception. He 's most definitely on that if you don't ask I won't tell shit. Don't fall for it ladies. Dudes don't understand that when in a relationship it is important to alert all of the females that you talked to in the past that you have A female in your life. Not only for show but out of respect of the relationship. A female might find it's ok to talk you a certain way. Throw in the random "I miss you's". No its not ok for this to occur this means they are getting the wrong idea. Yea they can miss you but they shouldn't really be telling you these things and then again its out of respect. I personally like to let everyone know when I'm in a relationship for the simple men do like to get out of hand when it comes to things you guys might have done in the past. You have to put a boundary that both of you's must not cross.

(This goes for both sex of course..WE need to start having respect for one another!)

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