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Friends with benefits...HMMMMM

This is a topic that a lot of us should have in common with especially us young adults. Not saying that the older adults don't get it in lord knows they do lol. A friendship with benefits is a relationship were you are friends with someone whom you would to be more romantically involved but your stuck in the middle. The middle meaning sexual you might have a lot of things in common with this person Kick it go out on mini "dates" etc but there's no romantic connection. When this happens there is always one person who would like to take this friendship to a more serious level and actually make it a Relationship ..this is where things get complicated. Of course most likely its the female who becomes attached thinking because her and the male are being intimate it will blossom into some lovely thing but in most cases it does not. Dudes Do not have a hard time separating sex from intimacy. If you were caught in a friendship with benefits situation and you want to get more serious with it there are questions you should ask your friend.

· How do you see me?

· If I am your friend then why are we having sex?

· Do you like me only as a friend?

You have to man up and ask the person about where you guys stand. But to be honest if you guys came in with a just "Screwing" Mentality its going to stay just like that.

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NIC-KIA said...

I <3 how u have "find my way" playin while im readin this post. Shit goes hand in hand. ::appluse:: I love friends with benefits. Then I dont hafta worry abt nobody tellin me not a NaN thing! Shoot in desperate times we all need a lil lovinn!