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Lady Gaga "Bad Romace" cover

MORNING! It's not even 9 a.m. yet! Why am I up? I slept from 5p.m until now, so I'm feeling quite refreshed. So anyway back to the purpose of this post! I'm not a fan of cover songs, mostly because the person singing it makes it their own, they never seem in tune with it, and MOSTLY because there's nothing better than an original. But I kept reading about Hayley Williams from Paramore singing "Bad Romance", and I thought I'd look into it. I love her, I love Paramore, and I love this little mini cover she did. Check it out.....

I also kept reading and hearing about 30 Seconds To Mars doing a cover of this song for BBC Radio.... I checked it out and I have to say I wasn't impressed..... there was one little slick change that Jared did that I liked, but I thought the whole thing was a drag. It hurts to say this since I am a 30 Seconds To Mars fan "/ If you want to, maybe you should check it out and judge for yourself.

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