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A Simple Mel-a-nie

Hey guys! I've been catching up on a lot of music I missed out on and I must share that I am completely enamored by Miss. Melanie Fiona! The first time I heard of her was when my BFF told me to download her single, "Give It To Me Right". It's from her debut album, The Bridge, which dropped last year.

With an amazing voice, tracks that have that feel-good Motown vibe, and lyrics oozing with heartfelt emotion, The Bridge, is a pretty damn good debut album. My favorite song is probably the most sappy of the bunch, "You Stop My Heart". Other tracks I like are "Ay Yo", "Monday Morning" and "Priceless". The album title was perfectly chosen because she combines old and new music to make it hers. Not to mention, she's stunning!

She's up for best female R&B vocal performance for her song, "It Kills Me."


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