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That Time Again!

When I hit ya with a hey! Hit ya with a ho! Ok...ok...just hitting you with a few movie trailers. I want to go to the movies more often this year...so, LET'S GO, GUYS!

Let's begin with the Karate Kid. I know, I know...why? Idk but Will Smith's son is adorable, Jackie Chan is always entertaining and sprinkle Taraji P Henson on top...how BAD can it be?

I'm TOO excited by this!!! ScarJo as Black Widow! FCKIN WAR MACHINE! Whiplash! YESSSSS!!!! Check out AC/DC!

Ok...picture Ocean's 11, 12, or 13 with MORE action. Got it? Now, add in PURE FUCKING EYE CANDY...I'm talking Idris Elba WITH his natural accent, Chris Brown with facial hair, Michael Ealy, PAUL FCKIN WALKER, Hayden Christenson, Jay "I-Know-I-Don't_Normally_Do-Hispanics-But-You've-ALWAYS-Been-An-Exception" Hernandez, TI, and Matt Dillion. I could watch this fckin movie on MUTE!

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