A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

Tattoos & Piercings

Solitairy confinement
Combining twice, to the right alignment
In the rough
Her soft
Not quite a diamond
Goddess with a different sparkle
Lifetimes in a vintage quarrel
Rifle to the spar two went through
Sensual integrity
Sketch dual lovers
Soothing suns touch
Tool of earth
Picked the jewel from under
Cuddle in her puddle and shadow
Latched to an angle
Tangled in her web
Perplexed at the perpendicular vertex
Her sex turned enchanting
Enhancing the magic, tragic in the happen
Trapping in fragments my everlasting love
Multiple choice for an orgasmic hoist...
All of the above
An embrace was made that could taste the very delicate place we craved
Centered betwixt thighs
Contending between action and reaction
Rise to the occasion
I raised her gently
Rendered invicible to weak
We almost weeped
Tension built, emotions felt, beyond talking for a week
Swept up in the breathless connection
She began stretching
Tongue clung to areola, salivation exploring dimensions
Breasts sent affection
As my erection strengthened
8 inch length in
Bending to whims
Out and opposite
Directional composite fit
Switch not position
Astride she rides
Trying not to
Soluble and salacious
Racing with relations
Perhaps elated
Friendship afloat or aboard dating
Tantalizing resides in a kiss
Grazing barriers
Involuntarily, she's quaking
Staircase to a hidden heaven
Clitoral haven
Nipple teasing
Receiving my entirety entirely
However, before this transpired, I was fighting leaps
Bound to fall
Jumping heartbeat
Discreet in the beginning
She sprawled out on the couch
Sat up and engulfed my shaft by mouth
By now I was incapable of words
Merely shading the color of her through gradient verbs
Shaping a blur
Who could imagine this clearly
Somewhere we lost all inhibitions
Blinking to an unadulterated vision
Advisory warning
Cornering the sight of beautiful poses
Fruitful her rose is
Cute, too
Her nose when it crinkles
I'd never think to desist
Bountiful boundaries
These treats, I needn't resist
Breathing seems foreign
Between the reach in a rift
In her drift I dip to drip
Lift and strip the rest of our wardrobe
Whatever was left
Come measure a breath
Inhaling became comparable to sailing
Sunken treasure
Depths fathom us forever
I plunge
Nails hug walls
Pillow surfaces, epidermis, as hands halt
Dancing dangerously in the lion's den
Bare waltz
Walk upon evening to great heights
They might say this girl is poison
Yet, I'm enjoying every bit of her snake bite
Memories replay and take thrice
Stay bright like the weight might hurdle worlds into another orbit
Orifice sufficed to delight
And recite choruses
Gorgeous, this female being
Whispered in my ear not to hurt her
So each stroke thereafter evoked healing
Closed lotus
Opening in the ceiling
Sealing a sky
Behind backs
Mirrors climax
Backwards, rewind that
She climbed and maximized my magnum size
Excelling in exhaling
Revealing satisfaction from grabbing and slapping
Hanging and tapping
Asking me to ease up
Uneasy, it was not
Easing thickness between lips
Frisky business
Ascend and then drop
My mountain leveled to rock
Pleasure to settle in stock
Pressure extending the lot
Locked in a combination of sessions
Sectioned in pressing her spots
Erotic posture
Forever we've got
Or so I thought
A similar feeling
Puzzling how we're huddled in thrusts, tugs and kneeling
Diagonal lateral
Insane vaginal
Intercourse be the source of my padded room
Reverse intro
Sit's so pretty
Straddling me
I have my hands on her waist passionately
Demanded I grasp as if she were last
No before or after to see
Sweet nothings in ear
Inner near splashing gradually
Having the sheets muffle her shouts
Couldn't be subtle in sound
This lady contorted in methods that left me amazed
Right leg beside my shoulder
Slow sucks tuck my eyes
No rush
Had me a maze, searching for the end results
Next to necks, nestling
Listener to a lingering list of countless rounds of wrestling
Fingers engaged
Ring around the marriage of bodies
Compound theme
Simply display a rarity, pronounce us loudly
Hours are now an understatement
Facing each other, as the day's rays cover the pavement

-G. Arthur ©2009

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