A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform

Thoughts like Questions

Pussy Galore has many talented friends. I'm going to share a poem written by one of them. It's lengthy but really good! Enjoy!!!

could my mind be so twisted

that physically i look at myself as ugly in the eyes of another

that my heart is tender and soft that people sleep on it

or mentally that i am paranoid more so in the mixture of emotional signals

when will female's realize the worth of a damn good man?

or could a man see when a damn good woman is something worth giving the universe too?

see i'm in a battle between protecting myself and giving myself

being hurt is an ever lasting problem

for i can deal with the physical, i am no punk

but internal pose's more than a terrorist threat

like a rose must stem thorns

how can i stem mine's and remain myself?

when does generosity stops being overlooked and start being looked at?

when does the realization of being a giving person and not a selfish person matter more?

who will understand the metaphoric standpoint of life

could you tell me your boundaries before love?

during love?

and after the love as gone

and all there is left but pain and regret

or remorse and bitterness

or the insecurity

do you believe in compromising for the better?

or do you have a no bullshit at all times logic?

is there understanding placed in your heart and mind

i'm not looking to make a point

just venting some question's plaguing my mind

not looking for answer's but opening the possibilities that i'm not the only one

lost and confused

trapped within a failed working relationship

do you feel holding someone down needs to involve money at all times

or do you know holding down someone is just being there through the dark and the light

are you the type to be judgmental and expect not to be judged yourself

or are you the type of person who doesn't care what someone thinks of you but expect respect yet you show you no class and manner

question for you

do you exist in a world where people's lives are intertwined with other's in a way that your actions effect another


does your world revolve around you where your mentality, personality, and physical actions have no reproductions upon those who look to be in your circle or just apart of your life in some kind of way

are you a kind and compassionate person?

or a cruel and impartial person?

what you do in life

how you act in life

how you think in life

in both towards people and not

karma come's back in the end and show you the difference


Jabari Harris

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