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Cassie shows her itty bittys

Whats new? these people never learn!! lol fuck it, its not like we never seen the human body without clothing before.I always wanted my nips pierced.

abCents - "all I'm saying is if the chick gets a reality show from this shit, I'll be setting up a petition to boycott Viacom"

When your career is rinsed and you shave half your head this is what you do.

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By backyardbetty


Broadway J. Baker said...

If you show tits, they offer you a show?

Betty!!! WTF u waiting for???


NIC-KIA said...

betty u show urs & i show mine!!
where do we sign up?!

Anonymous said...

I third the comments above...lmao

BackPack said...

I bit my lip as soon as I seen the piercing
I know its tits, but you just don't see celebrity tits on a daily basis, so you just gotta appreciate when things like this come around lollll