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Scavenger Hunt 2009 (REPOST)

Scavenger Hunt

To enter:
*There will be 2 teams, participants.....
* Must show up wearing the team colors
* Must be available from 12pm to 8:30 pm on the day of the game.
* Must be 18 or older
*No Last minute entries
*Teams are decided randomly
* Send an Email to Shortstuff423@gmail.com with:
-Your name
-Phone Number
-Available days(majority of the days off determines the date. I'm trying to aim for a Saturday)
-Twitter etc...You know you got all of them.

*If you want to bring your digi camera and it records good quality, you're more than welcome to bring it. The more footage the better. Just please email me the videos ASAP. Mpeg file please. I'll be making a video of what went down from both teams.(Must be in the NYC area)

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