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MTA Updates

Just like there are army brats, I am a MTA brat.

As long as I've been alive (almost 22 years), MTA has paid for the food I eat, the roof over my head, and the clothes I wear. So, I feel it's only right that I come and share what's currently going on.

As Betty previously posted, it was looking as if MTA had went insane and thought to cancel late night trains. Trains that many people, Pussy Galoreee included, depend on to get them around this beautiful city.

There were also the signs posted EVERYWHERE that warned of the monthly metrocard becoming $103 from the current $81.

Have no fear...Broadway is here! (ok...sorry...corny, I know!)

As of right now, the plan will be:

$2 per ride -----> $2.25 per ride (I remember the first time my mom let me buy a token for $1.25)

$81 unlmtd monthly -----> $89 unlmtd monthly

And, there are no longer ANY PLANS to cancel ANY TRAIN SERVICE.

I'll update you all as mi madre brings home the news!

MTA is STILL going your way!

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