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Disney Villians... Homosexual?

Well had a late night with Betty watchin West Side Story, and after I done sang "Crazy Boy" like three times I popped in Disney's Peter Pan. I seen that Captain Hook always had Smee around, that led me to think about Scar, and Ursula etc. So here are some Disney villians that are questionable to me.

Captain Hook- Peter Pan

Ursula- Little Mermaid

Cruella De Vil- 101 Dalmations
Clearly both were drag queens, noticed the cheek bone implants on Ms. De Vil

Scar- Lion King

Queen Of Hearts- Alice in wonderland

Gaston- Beauty & the Beast
He's more of a broadway singer type

Jafar- Aladdin
Come on, do i even have to explain this one?

Shere Khan- Jungle Book
Now isn't the resemblence to Sean Connery crazy? I just discovered this today...

If there's any missing please let me know....


Backyard betty said...

lmaooooo! this is why I fucks with you lol!!! we see shit in the same light...but yes they were gay in cartoon world

Qu33n Kam... said...

yes they look gay but u can't forget the villians on Lilo and Stitch they were so gay it was like their charaters were written that way. Idk their names tho