A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform


Discovered this shit about 5 yrs ago lol my homeboy goods put me on to it because I was complaining about how ky jelly gets all sticky and obnoxious (ughhh) but yea astroglide is for that moment when you don't want to get all lovey dovey woo'ing a female to get her "Juices flowing" This shit right herrrree will do the job! My homeboy gabby and I are keen fans of this wonderful lubrication lol for those who arent a fan of the "Spitting before stickin" method ASTROGLIDE is just for you!!!

Oh yea and for the dudes who like to play with the clitoris with dry fingers...Wtf is wrong with you, this is not a fucking Lucky 7 scratch off that shit hurts.

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JOFre$h said...

LMAO. I'm about to cop that.