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How to be a good boyfriend/girlfriend?

Im still learning the trades of being a good girlfriend...I try but I don't know I guess I'm ment to be by myself lol. It's like fuck it If I don't sense something I'm not going to make an effort it's just not in mee.
And if we were to break up I'm not the type to be like "Lets try again" Even though deep down inside I really want to. Does this mean I let opportunities slip through my fingers? Or did that opportunity slip the 1st time
around? One thing I know I'm good at is supporting whatever my boyfriend is into even if im not into it to much I'll try to put interest in it
does this mean I bend over backwards?....Yea you can say I'm kind of lost when it comes to shit like this but fuck it.....I just want to know what everyone thinks makes a Good Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

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