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Cheech and Chong

Come on who doesn't know about cheech and chong? I would love to smoke a dubby with these legends...They'll probably teach me a thing or two!. Richard "Cheech" Martin and Tommy Chong were known in the 1970's for their hilarious uncut and very raw stand up routines and of course their love for MARIJUANA ;D ( Me and many others can relate!). As years went by cheech and chong hit a rough patch. Chong attended cheechs bday party in 1994 but wasnt happy at all when he seen cheech's arms around his wife in more than a friendly manner (We all know that wouldn't rock). But of course that shit blew over and they decided to reunite and produce another film. But that was put on hold because in 2003 chongs company "Chongs glass" was raided by federal officals. Chong pleaded guilty to charges of distributing drug paraphernalia he was sentenced to nine months in federal prison, and was fined $20,000 and forced to to forfeit $120,000 in assests.

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