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Why is Shwayze Such a douche bag?

This post is beyond overdue....I was in denial that I ever met this prick. So one nice summer night I believe this was the 1st time Alist has ever been to sway. Of course we all know about shwayze and his infatuation with white chicks so he was automatically attracted to my biatch complimenting her hair, tattoos Etc (Aowwww alist!! lol) See it wouldve been cute if he took the humble route introduce himself do all the shit a down to earth person wouldve done......but nah motherfucker wanted to come off overly cocky like we were suppose to praise his dumbass. Before I met him I thought he was hot and would've been cool if I ever met him....boy was I fucking wrong and sadly mistaken..... I don't support assholes Especially if I have my own.

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Kay ♥ said...

lmfaoooooooo how come i dont know about this story?! hilarious