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Extremely late but....

I'm extremely late but fuck it, I have to say congratulations to Gerard Way (Singer of My Chemical Romance) and Lynz (Bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence) on their baby. I can't believe Gerard had a baby. No I dont know them personally, but I've been listening to My Chems music for the past 6 years. Anywho, The baby girl is named Bandit Lee Way. BANDIT! I would've never thought of that, it's so original. This little girl is gonna be soooooo cultured musically and it's crazy how talented she's gonna be, both her parents are artists. And from this picture she's already getting her unique-ness started. She's absolutely adorable with the hotdog costume. I'm happy for them, and it seems Gerard definitely found his role in this world.

You wouldn't want these 2 people to be your parents!? Shit, I would. congratulations

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