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Why College?

I know we all are accustomed to the "After High school go straight to college" Bullshit. But why must we go to college and if we dont we are automatically looked at like we're fucking crazy. Yeah I was sucked into that shit to. As soon as I graduated in '05 I wanted to go to hunter I was fucking hype did my fasfa online got approved and whatnot but when it was time to actually register SMFH....they gave me the run around "You need this letter...you need this notarized..you need this information" Once I got everything they asked for....Boy I fucking tell ya if it wasnt one thing it was another. I was accepted to bay state but I realized I wasn't ready to fly the coupe. Everytime this convo comes up and I tell everyone what were my plans they always tell me how stupid I am I should've went blah blah...But why am I stupid??? I wasn't ready WTF and Im still not don't think I ever will be... fuck it though I'll be great at my own pace. But I want to know why are non-college attendees frowned upon? I know about 3 hand full of people who aren't happy with their post college life...Either jobless when they were promised a job/career or living paycheck to paycheck WITH A DEGREE....But anywhos with that being said.....I'll be rocking with this Tee hardbody!

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