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Piercing piercings...WE LOVE EM

Now I've been contemplating for the past three months about getting my nipple pierced and I think I will be doing it with elle..She has done it before but unfortunatly took them out but luckily shes going to do it again. Now what makes piercing's addicting? To me seeing that I have 9 and have taken 3 of them out because I want to make room for some more options...I like pain I was once scared of needles but im offically over that OBVIOUSLY.... The only piercing that I'm kinda ify about is the clit aka the hood piercing Ive heard that it inhances your orgasms This would be great considering the fact I've never had one. But I'm not sure if I would like the idea of bussing a nut while I'm walking to the store. Then we have the neck piercing Elle has this and I Think its cool as fuck but I don't think I can do it..I don't have enough skin back there lolll

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